When you're drunk

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You were stumbling over your own feet and bumping into walls
as if they had just been moved around.
You clung onto Slendy's leg and was dragged around the house while Slendy cursed
under his breath about you being horribly irresponsible.
"____ get some rest." He pulled you off his leg and began carrying you to your room.
"Make me happy!" You were slurring like crazy. "TAKE ME TO THE SEVENTH HEAVEN
GOD DAMMIT!" You reached up for Slendy but he just sighed and left the room
to go sleep on the couch.

BEN Drowned

BEN had given you a beer...or two...or three.....or nine to make you a little more
exciting in the games. He was laughing harder than ever at your slurring.
He finally calmed down and told you to go lay down.
You started making your video game avatar run around like he was spazzing out while
you did a HORRIBLE immitation of a screamo song you heard.
BEN just gave up and continued laughing at your drunken behavior.

Jeff the Killer

You came home completely drunk but you weren't the type to
get crazy when you got drunk, you just got fucking exhausted.
Jeff noticed you drunk and started a heated makeout session after running up to you.
He tugged at your shorts but you shoved him off lightly.
"No Jeff! I am wasted and I am going to SLEEP! Without you!"
He let out a small "hmph" as you walked up to your room, falling asleep as soon
as your face hit the pillow.

Eyeless Jack

You came home from a party incredibly sick so Jack decided to take care of you.
After you were done puking over the entire house, he took the risk of sleeping with you just
incase you needed help. You woke up with a HUGE hangover and didn't remember
squat. You adjusted to your surroundings and noticed Jack next to you.
You emmediantly began panicking, waking him up.
"Jack! Did we...you know...have sex?!"
He thought for a long moment. The truth would be the better option.
"Yes." You emmediantly began crying. "I am so sorry Jack! I was too drunk to even remember our
first time and I wanted it to be special..." You kept ranting on. He pulled you
into a hug and told the truth, making you calm down.


He watched you run around drunk trashing the place.
You eventually passed on the floor but he still just sat there and watched you.
You asked about it in the morning but all he said was "You reminded me of me."
before walking away.


He found you moaning from pain on the couch.
You had gone to a party the night before and woke with a horrible hangover.
He gave you some pills and even though you were hesitant to take them, you just wanted to feel better.
He watched over you until you fell asleep.

Lost Silver

"Y-you okay...____?" You were throwing up ANYTHING you
put into your mouth. He finally came to the conclusion that you were
NOT okay and began giving you medicine and awkwardly patting your back.


You were completely drunk and stuck in a heated make out session with Red.
You knew what he wanted so you told him you'd change into something more "comfortable".
He took off his hat and vest and unbuttoned his shirt, expecting you to return
with a LOT less clothing. After about five minutes, you walked through the door and made his jaw drop....
In disappointment. You crawled into bed with your sweat pants and over-sized T-shirt.
You said goodnight while he laid next to you with crossed arms and a pouting lip.

Dark Link

(Listen to the song Prom Night by Jeffree Star while you read this)

You were both insanely drunk! You were blasting the house with music while you danced
on the table with him and he threw money around you two.
The party of two went on for hours and hours, full of money confetti and plenty of grinding.
The table eventually broke and  you both died in laughter. You had a heated
makeout session while music continued to blast in the background. You were gonna go upstairs
and "gift" eachother but passed out as soon as your faces hit the pillow.

Laughing Jack

You were both drunk so you were playing tag while he threw candy at you.
You eventually both fainted and woke up witha bad hangover.
Worth it.


You were throwing up everywhere.
"I'll help you, baby!"


You came home drunk and Sonic bombarded you with questions in remarks. You finally tired of it
and flipped him off. You regretted that.
In the morning you had a huge headache and Sonic was not helping!
You told him to shut up but he told you it was your fault so you just accepted it and took pills.

Ticci Toby

You had a horrible head ache from the party you were at.
Toby started telling you a story of when he got drunk, which quickly put you to sleep.
He let out a small "hmph" and carried you to your bed.

The Rake

Rake had to come pick you up since you were WAY too drunk to even think about
getting home on your own. He laid down with you on your bed and was half asleep when you asked for sex.
He said he didnt want to take advantage of you and changed into
his creepypasta self just to make sure you wouldn't try anything!

~Even monsters can love~

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