When you find something of his Pt 2

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I hope you guys don't mind me deciding to just do chapters in parts :) I think it will make things easier for all of us.


You were sitting in the attic looking through old boxes. You came across old scrapbooks, childhood toys, failed art projects and clothes that were too small to fit. Some memories began to fade back in, however, other parts of your life still felt like empty voids.

Just when you thought you'd gone through every box, even the holiday ones, you noticed a small, very old-looking box in (ironically) darkest corner of the attic. "Straight out of a horror movie," you whispered to yourself, as you stepped closer to the box. It sagged and felt rough. It survived obvious water-damage. You pried open the worn box and peered inside.

Your eyes landed on an old video camera.


You sat in your living room watching television when you heard a sound, causing you to jump and whip your head around to face the direction of the noise. As you looked, your eyes fell upon something bright orange sitting upon the staircase.

You walked over to the case and picked up the orange object. 

A pill bottle. 

The labels were scratched off, leaving only fragments of the paper stuck on the bottle, and only a couple of pills were left inside. You peered inside and examined the pills. Tempted, but didn't dare, you decided to not try the pills yourself and set them on the kitchen counter to be looked at later on.

Lost Silver

You were happy to be home. You had been in your old room all day and didn't plan on leaving for a while. You let yourself snuggle up in your comfy sheets, read through old books and comics, admire your decorations, and even try on your old clothes. 

As you went through your room, you eventually came across an old Gameboy/DS. Curious to see what was in it, you pulled out the game. 

Ah. It was your favorite Pokemon game. You loved this game more than anything. You knew you'd beaten it many times. However, you couldn't exactly remember how the game went, considering your little "predicament." Besides that... something was going on. You couldn't put your finger on it. But something didn't feel right about this game. You slipped it back into the game system and stared at the blank screen before gently pressing the power button.


HEY! Told you I'd update! I think I'll be able to update a lot more if I just break up the scenarios into smaller chunks like this. Maybe 3-4 at a time :) I think it'll be a lot easier and quicker to update. I have way too many ideas yet not enough time. That's my problem. Perhaps I'll start a new book? I have ideas, ideas, ideas!

Love you! Thank you for your patience and sticking around since the beginning <3

~Even monsters can love~

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