Your last kiss

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It was sweet; oh so very sweet. In that one moment you felt every emotion flow throughout your body. The kiss was long, slow and passionate. You felt your eyes close ever so slowly and you only focused on his touch.
You knew it wouldn't last. None of this would- but god, every second was worth it. It was worth every ounce of pain and hard work. You weren't sure why it all was ending so fast. You both just knew that it was the end, without any warning or sign.
You pulled away from the kiss and wiped each other's tears away, letting out a soft chuckle. "I'll miss you."
He smiled softly. He didn't look anything like the killer you encountered three years ago. "I'll miss you too, _____.
You held each other tightly until you felt the world around begin to disappear. You closed your eyes and focused on the last feeling of his arms around you.
As the world around you fell apart, you heard murmurings. Was someone crying? The air grew cold and the murmuring became loud speaking. Cheering. Crying.
You opened your eyes and looked around you. Where were you?
You were in a bed. In a white room. You heard a faint beeping noise. "You're awake!" You heard someone collapse next to you. You looked over. Someone was crying next to you. You examined every face around you. The faces of your family. "My baby!"
You were in a hospital. "Thank god you're awake!" You looked out the window. "It's been three years!"
You blocked the loud voices out and focused on what was out there. You stared into the open field. And for a second it looked like someone stared back. Tears brimmed your eyes and you mouthed the three words you'd forgotten to say.
I love you.
That's the end guys. I think we all knew this was coming but things are going on right now. A lot of things. I'm having less and less time to update and I just can't do it anymore. You guys have inspired me beyond belief. You've made me cry and smile and laugh with your sweet comments and messages and without you guys I wouldn't be who I am today.
You've helped me up when I've been down and I hope I've done the same with you. Even though I'm done writing I will still be here for you guys to message me.
I want you all to promise me something.
No matter what happens. At all. Do what makes you happy. Never let yourself be in pain. Your happiness means way too much.
I love you guys so much. Who knows? Maybe I'll come back someday. I love you. Bye <3 -Emily

~Even monsters can love~

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