When you get back together

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 You were having a tough time with Slendy. It's like he literally wouldn't leave your side! He was staying over at your house, with friends as an excuse, nearly every night. He would go grocery shopping for you so he could come over again. He would even keep asking to go out as "friends." You finally figured it had begun to go too far when he asked to come to the bathroom with you.

"Slendy, what's going on?" You asked, glaring at the faceless man who was holding what seemed like 50 grocery bags at once thanks to the help of his tendrils.

He sighed. "You had complained that I wasn't spending enough time with you, and that's what made me lose you. So, I figured that if I could just fix this tiny issue, I could get you back." A small smile formed on your face and you hugged him. "Well, it worked~" 

BEN Drowned

You woke up from your afternoon nap to the sound of multiple things breaking. You opened your front door to see BEN outside on your front lawn breaking all his video games with a baseball bat.

"BEN?" Ben shot around, eyes wide before running to you full speed. "____!" He clung to you tightly while you awkwardly patted his head. "I'm so sorry! My games mean nothing to me if it means losing you!" You tried speaking but he kept cutting you off to apologize all over again.

"BEN, it's okay..." His words suddenly stopped, causing you to have to hold in your laugh. "It's okay, I forgive you. We can get back together." 

BEN tightened his grip on you. "Oh thank god!"

Jeff the Killer

 You stood up from the seat next to Jeff to get a drink. When you opened the fridge, literally all you saw was juice, milk or bottles of water. "Uh...Jeff? You okay, buddy?" 

Jeff cringed slightly at the word 'buddy.' "So this is what the friend zone feels like..." He mumbled under his breath. "Yeah ____! I'm Fine! Why, though?" 

You opened the fifth cabinet you saw to find even more water bottles and juice boxes. "Well....All I see are bottles of water and juice boxes...were you babysitting Sally or something?" 

Jeff walked in lazily. "Gross no....the truth is...I wanted to stop drinking so you would stop hating me." You let a smile creep onto your face. "Awww, Jeff...I could never hate you...Just your drinking problems." Jeff rolled his eyes playfully. "Look, are we back together or not?"

You giggled a bit. "Sure, why not?"

Eyeless Jack

 You heard a loud knock on the door, forcing you to rush over and open it. You were a bit surprised to see Jack standing there. "Jack? What's wrong?" 

He gave an immediate answer. "I'm sorry." You chuckled a bit. "For wha-" "I'm sorry." Your smiling face soon switched to a face of confusion. "Jac-" "I'm sorry." Okay, now you were getting annoyed.

"Jack! If this-" "I'm sorry." "Is a joke you-" "I'm sorry." "Need to cut it out-" "I'm sorry." "Right now!" "I'm sorry." "FOR WHAT!?" You were at your limit and was just about to slam the door on Jack when he answered with, "For losing you, take me back?" 

You froze in silence and was too stunned to reply so you simple nodded your head, which Jack also took as permission to come in and spend the night.


You were sitting and watching TV when you heard the front door slam open then shut again just before Masky stomped into the room. He pulled out an envelope from his jacket, opening it and pouring out what seemed to be pictures of him and that other girl.

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