New Year's Resolutions

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So I've decided to make "New Year's Resolutions" for each BF as a New Year's special. :) It's a bit different but I thought maybe different is nice sometimes.


-Build a library and fill it completely with books.

-Have "fun"

-Learn how to have a face

BEN Drowned

-Find new catchphrase


-Find a different signature color

-Get rid of fear

Jeff the Killer

-Be nicer.

-Use niceness to draw in stupid people.

-Kill more people.

-Find cool girls

Eyeless Jack

-Outsmart everyone


-Try new organs

Masky and Hoody:

-Get more people to ship us.

-Become more famous

-Look cooler.

Lost Silver:

-Be tougher!

-Be less shy

-Get new look

Glitchy Red:

-Become better than Silver

-Be more popular

-Get a fanclub.

Dark Link:

-Be less perverted

-Be nicer

-Get to BEN's level...

~Even monsters can love~

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