When he reads your diary

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He had found your diary and though he knew it was ungentleman-like, curiosity had completely taken over and replaced those thoughts. He skimmed through the book, just barely glancing at each word.
Even just glancing at the pages, he still found out that you
were terrified of spiders...

BEN Drowned

He read your diary like it was the greatest story in the world.
There were so many amazing secrets, and a lot of fangirling about videogame characters.
He read on and his interest quickly faded once he got to the part about how adorable Link was...
"Really? ....Really? Again with the Link crap!?"

Jeff the Killer

He was laughing harder and harder as he went on.
"This is amazing! I never knew I was that good!" His laughing
eventually got so loud that even you heard from all the way on the other side of the house and made you storm up to your room.
You slammed the door open, causing him to freeze in place while you stomped over to him and snatched the book away and left him there.

Eyeless Jack

He noticed your diary and was automatically overcome with curiosity. He picked up your book and flopped onto your bed.
He only got past two pages when he began feeling quite disturbed from the stories you wrote...
Eventually, he got to creeped out and just dropped it and walked away.


He read every single page and since he didn't think it was a big deal, he decided to tell you that he read your diary!
"___." He asked as he walked into the kitchen.
"I read your diary."
He could practically see the flames burning in your eyes.
"And honestly...It was the most boring thing in the world. Like...giant-ass math text-books are more interesting." He walked back out while the sound of crashing plates went on in the background.


You sat next to him and watched him read your diary.
Most would think it's odd but you both liked the thought of 'no hiding
ANY secrets'. Though, you forgot to tear out a few pages that you
believed didn't apply to that. You know...Like the one about
you getting drunk and practically raping the wall? Yeah...
He died of laughter...

Lost Silver

"___? I found this book and it had your name on it
and a 'Don't Read' sign so..."
He handed you the small book and began walking away.
"Thanks!" You called after him. Once he was completely out of sight, he had a silent laughing fit as he reminded himself about all the humiliating stories you had never told him about.


Red slipped another book's cover over your diary so he could read
it without looking too suspicious.
"Wow Red. I never knew you read 'Gone with the Wind'...upside down..." You gestured toward the unusually thin book with the upside down book cover.
"Huh? O-Oh! Yeah! It's a uh...real eye....catcher...thing." He trailed off towards the end.
"Really? Wow. So um...Whats your favorite part?"
"Uhh....You know! The part where she...um....pfft! Uh..where she
You laughed as you swiped the book from his hands and walked away.

Dark Link

He read it right next to you like it was nothing.
"Dark. What the Hell are you reading?"
"This book is amazing."
"Let me rephrase that. Dark, why the Hell are you reading my Diary!?"
"Obviously....Because it's your diary. The answer is kind of in the question, babe." You just groaned and threw yourself back in the chair.

Laughing Jack

"This story...Why is it so sappy?"
"Because. It's where I write my feelings for noone else to see!"
You pulled it away from him and clutched it tightly.
"Hey! I was reading that!"
"Yeah. Was reading that."


"The characters here suck! The main character is way too emotional! And all the other characters are just douches!"
"That 'overly emotional' girl is me, and the douche-bag characters
are my friends and past boyfriends. Some are even family."
"Oh...well...I'm sure they're very nice people."
"Not reeal-"
"Shhh sh sh sh shhhh...Trying to avoid more awkwardness."


"Damn. This bitch is badass."
"The girl in this book I found in your  bottom dresser drawer."
"Why are you looking through my drawers?"
"To find stuff like this."
"Okay then..." You sat closer to him and realized that the 'book' he was reading was your diary. "Sonic!"
He jumped slightly at your sudden outburst. "What!? Dammit!"
"The 'badass' is me! That's my diary!"
"That's you!?" You nodded violently. "Oh...So that's why I love you again..."

Ticci Toby

Toby saw your Diary and read one page before tossing it to the floor next to him.
"Hey!" You shouted. He spun around and looked at you.
"Oh. Hey!" He waved.
"What? No! Not 'Hey!' Hey! You threw my Diary!"
"Oh. Is that what is was? I thought it was a schedule put into a lame story."
He looked over to you and noticed the dark glare on your face directed towards him.
"I'll read it! I'll read it!" He skimmed through the pages before dropping it and shooting two thumbs up into the air. You just gave a contect smile.

The Rake

"What's that ____?" 
"Hm? Oh...My Diary~"
"K? Um...You don't wanna read it...?"
"No. Not Really."
"...You DO know it has all my secrets and fantasies....~"
"Yeah...Isn't that what a Diary is mainly for?"
After about a good twenty minutes of rubbing it in his face and shoving it into his arms just for him to either throw it across the room or give it back to you,
You finally got the hint that mayber he might not be interested.

~Even monsters can love~

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