Marriage Proposal (Valentine's Day Special)

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It's finally here...the Scenario we've all been waiting for.... The Marriage Proposal!!!!


 "I want to be able to do this every night with you." You giggled a bit while staring up at the sky with Slendy. "We'd have to get married to do that!" You joked. There was a long pause before turned to you.

"Well then, why don't we?" You blinked in surprise, hoping that what you were hearing wasn't a joke. You looked up at him as he stared down at you before planting a soft kiss on your lips.

BEN Drowned

"ZELDA! COME! WE MUST LEAVE ON EPONA! NAVI! HELP M'LADY!" BEN shouted while you ran down the stairs in your Zelda costume. BEN carried you bridal style over to a chair in the kitchen the was decorated to look fancy. 

He set you down and knelt before you. "My dear princess, it is an honor to be here to protect you and I wish to do it forever on." You smiled down at BEN as he reached for the pouch in his Link costume. Your smiling face turned into a face full of utter shock. "B-BEN!?" 

"____....Let me take care of you forever. Will you marry me?" You began tearing up and started nodding violently as he slipped the ring onto your finger.

Jeff the Killer

Jeff had gotten a couple of his friends to help him set up a huge billboard that he was sure you'd pass on your way to work/school. He stood there for what seemed like hours until you finally drove down the street.

He could see your expression from where he was standing and he let himself smile wider than he has in a long time before getting a call from you crying and repeating the word 'yes' over and over.

Eyeless Jack

You woke up to feel someone watching you. You looked up to see Eyeless Jack hovering over you, his hands behind his back. "Jack? What are you doing here?" You sat up so his face was only an inch away from yours.

"Well...This is where we met, where we started going out...I want it to be where you become mine...forever." He pulled out a little box from behind his hand and yours eyes widened slightly. He popped open the box to reveal a beautiful ring with a perfect white diamond in the middle while tiny dark blue stones surrounded it. "Marry me?" Your mouth hung slightly open as you outstretched your hand to Jack, giving him permission to slip the ring onto your finger.


You sat in your room, suddenly hearing taps on your window. You slid it open and looked around to have your eyes land on Masky standing in front of giant words made up of rose petals. You looked closely and realized that the words had spelled out "Will you marry me?" 

You nodded and outside to cling to Masky before feeling something slip onto your ring finger. You looked down to find a beautiful ring and began tearing up immediately.


"Be mine." You looked up at Hoody who stood there with a blank face. "Forever." You raised an eyebrow at him. "Hello-" "Hoody, what the hell are you talking about?" 

There was a long pause of silence before Hoody let out a long sigh. He suddenly got down onto one knee and pulled out a box that held a perfect ring inside. You covered your open mouth with your hand while staring down at it. "____, will you marry me?" You slowly nodded and watched him slip the ring onto you before hugging him tightly.

Lost Silver

"Uh..._-___?" You looked up from your computer to silver who stood there with a piece of paper in his hand. "Yes, Silver?" Silver blushed and suddenly began singing a short song about how much he loved you and how the air seemed clearer, and lights seemed brighter when you were around. Nevertheless, it brought you to tears.

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