When you're scared

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You let out a scream.
"____! It was JUST a LEAF!"
You nodded slowly. You hated being in the woods at night sometimes.
You let out another, yet softer, scream.
"What now?!" your eyes rimmed with tears from his yelling. He sighed and wrapped a tendril around you, pulling you closer and making you calm down.

BEN Drowned

You were playing Majora's Mask and it scared you to death.
Ben was sitting next to you intensely drinking a juice box. "Run! Fight! Play!..."
You screamed as your character bursted into flames and the happy mask man popped up on the screen.
"....die....?" you were shaking so BEN offered you his juicebox.
It didn't really help you bit you still took it....

Jeff the Killer

Jeff wanted to go into a haunted house but you refused to.
"Jeff it's not even Halloween!"
"That's why I'm so glad we found one!"
"I'm scared though!" "You're supposed to be!"
He pulled you in and you let out an ear splitting scream.
"___! We haven't even had anything happen yet! You're screaming at the person in front of us in line!"
".....oh.....Sorry sir...."

Eyeless Jack

It was storming outside and the lights went out. You let out a small
whimper, showing you were scared. You felt two arms wrap around you. You didn't know who's they were, but you were so scared you didn't really care at the moment.
When the lights finally came back on you looked up to see Jack and hugged him tightly.


You were watching a scary movie with Masky and screamed in the part where the guy was split in half. Luckily he was there to hold you.


You were walking through thew woods looking for Hoody when you heard a twig snapped and began running. After finally reaching Hoody and catching your breath, you
turned around to see Hoods, the dog you and Hoody had gotten.

Lost Silver

You just finished a pewdiepie video and downloaded the game he was playing.
Everything went well until there was a horrible jumpscare
and you both screamed. "I don't wanna play anymore, Silver!" You clung to his arm.
"Y-yeah! Me n-neither!" He clung to you also.


Red watched you as you played his game. You freaked out and pouted as he sat there and laughed.

Dark Link

You had read a creepy poem (sounds like Creepypasta c:) about what hides in the bathroom
so now you were terrified to even step foot in the bathroom.
Finally Dark got fed up and shoved you into the bathroom before closing the door shut and holding the knob in place.
It took about an hour but you finally got over it.

Laughing Jack

You had watched a scary clown movie the night before, and the fact
that your boyfriend was a clown that goes around killing kids for a living.
You jumped at every sudden noise and when he touched you, you screamed but he hugged you
and comforted you, making you remember that you fell
in love with this clown~.


You had frog dissection day and the thought of cutting guts
reminded you of... "Hey babe! I brought a patient!" ...your boyfriend.
You heard a faint scream and passed out. When you woke up you hugged Smiley who was sitting next to you the whole time.


You had read a creepypasta and was terrified.
"It's fake god dammit!"
"Then why the hell are you here?!"
"Because....well.....fuck, you got me there. I guess it is real."
You immediately went back to worrying.

Ticci Toby

You were flailing around while Toby just stood there and worried about you...
He finally got bored and killed the tiny knat with his finger.
He walked out of the room and left you still shaking in fear.

The Rake

You were staring at a picture and screamed when you thought it moved.
When Rake put his hands on your shoulders to comfort you, you just threw your phone across the room,
screamed louder and ran upstairs. He shrugged and looked at your phone.
He thought the picture moved too so he let out a girlish scream and followed you up the stairs.

The picture from The Face in the Dark creepypasta....
It took me a while since it looks like a blank black screen but if you stare a while you start
to make out a line. You follow the line and see what looks like the top of a head.
You follow down the shape of the head and BOOM. EYES AND A GIANT SMILE.
But its NOT jeff the killer! It's "The Face in the Dark" and theres no carved smile!
I dont know about the story, but the picture is SCARY AS FUCK DX

~Even monsters can love~

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