When someone bullies you

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You came home crying to Slenderman about a group of boys that were picking on you. He promised you he would take care of it after comforting you and you knew what he meant by that.

A few days later one of the boys' friends was on the news almost in tears as he spoke about a dare the group had taken up before disappearing in the woods. You looked over to Slendy as he walked through the door. He looked over to the TV. "Oh! I see you heard. I was somewhat hoping to tell you myself, but nevertheless, you have nothing to worry about from now on, love."

BEN Drowned

"So they did what?" You sighed and repeated the story to BEN about you getting bullied when you were younger. You had told him not to worry since it was so long ago but he was still furious. 

"Oh...Okay then..." BEN glanced over at the stairs before turning back to you. "I'm going to bed." He quickly darted up the stairs and you could hear the lock to his bedroom door click. 

A few hours later, when it was time to go to bed, you knocked on BEN's door before it slowly swung open and BEN's figure stood in the dark. It was quite creepy, to say the least. "BEN? Are you okay?" You asked hesitantly. BEN quickly looked up at you with an eager face. "Yup! And so are you from now on!" He skipped past you and you could feel the dark aura surround him. 

Jeff the Killer

Some girls had just gotten done messing with you and you were furious. You slammed the door shut and stomped over to Jeff who was placing his knife in different positions to see which position made it look better. "Yes, ____?" You glared down at him until he could sense you and looked up at you. 

"Some bitches are outside, second street behind us. They messed with me and crossed the line." You picked up Jeff's knife and dropped it into his lap. "Get 'em." He smirked and ran out.

He returned about ten minutes later with his hoody covered in fresh blood. "You're welcome."

Eyeless Jack

"They call you freak now because you like Creepypasta, and because of me?" You nodded to Jack's question. "K then. I guess I know what I'm having for dinner then." You smiled at Jack and clung to him, glancing at the clock as you did. 

"It's already late, you should hurry before the neighborhood police starts patrolling." Jack nodded and lightly pushed you away from him before grabbing his tools and making his way out the door. 

You sighed. "I love having a killer boyfriend." You chuckled at your ironic joke then realized how lame you are for even laughing at it.


While Masky was trying out the new camera he had gotten, he over heard you talking to your best friend about a group of kids that had apparently been bullying you since day one. He was a little upset that you had never told him about this, but he was determined to stop it.

The next day you went to school, the only thing everyone was talking about was the leader of the group getting brutally murdered with a rock. You confused at first; who would kill with a rock? After tons of thinking, you finally put the pieces together and smiled at the thought.

When you got home, Masky was standing at the door, almost expecting the kiss that you planted on his lips after lifting his mask.


You poured yourself out to Hoody about the girl you once called your best friend and how she had slammed you against the lockers in front of all her new friends. Hoody nodded but looked as though he hadn't even cared. You sighed and decided it would be best to just lay down and rest, meanwhile Hoody was already planning out revenge. He left with an entire bottle of pills while you slept and returned just an hour later.

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