When you dont have enough money for icecream

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You were a little upset about not having enough money for icecream
so your "prince charming" went up to the window and made the guy pass out
from terror.
Slendy let you inside the truck and watched you run around and
take whatever you wanted.

BEN Drowned

You had spent all your money at the arcade so when the icecream truck
drove by you were a tiny bit upset about it, but you accepted the consequences
of using up all your money.
BEN however....
Wanted icecream too and was determined for you both to get what you
wanted. He haunted all the electronics in the truck, making the guy
jump out in fear. You both ate icecream while driving around the city, making the truck
play the Song of Unhealing.

Jeff the Killer

You got angry with the icecream man for saying you didn't have enough change for what you
wanted, so you did what anybody would do.
You called your killer boyfriend outside.
"Noone says no to my woman!"
He lunged through the window and attacked the man, yelling "GO TO SLEEP."
After about a minute of silence Jeff opened the doors of the
icecream truck and let you in, gesturing you to take whatever
you pleased.

Eyeless Jack

You were upset you couldn't get icecream since you used all your money
on a new hoodie for Jack.
So your boyfriend decided to repay you by giving you some.
You woke up to find a bowl of what looked like melted icecream, but when you tasted it...
well.... let's just say you were pretty upset with Jack after finding out it
was NOT icecream!!!
You ran downstairs to yell at Jack but stopped when you saw him giggling
about his joke, but standing next to a freezer full of icecream.
You made him regret  the joke by making him
watch The Notebook with you while eating all of the icecream.


You told Masky about the Ice cream man cursing at you for not having enough money
but he just nodded and kept watching TV.
"You're not gonna do anything about it?!" You put your hands on your hips.
"Fine..." He sighed. He came back an hour later with two tubs of icecream for you.
"Thank you!" You began heading towards the kitchen.
"I'll give you icecream you'll love god dammit..." He mumbled under his breath as he sat down again.
"What was that?" You said not hearing him perfectly.
"Nothing." He replied not taking his eyes off the screen. You shrugged it off and continued into the kitchen.


You were watching Hoody hold the ice cream man by his shirt
collar and threaten him. It was quite amusing.
The man finally gave up on Hoody and opened the icecream truck doors for you, shaking in fear
of Hoody. You and Hoody played around in the truck, throwing ice cream in eachother's
faces and eating the remainders from the ice cream tubs.
Meanwhile, the Ice cream man was hugging his knees, still shaking in fear  as he
watched you, wide-eyed.

Lost Silver

"C-can you please give her s-some icecream already?"
You were a little upset about how he was being so shy to the ice cream man.
Well.....he was shy until the man started using a very COLORFUL vocabulary.
Something flared in Silver and raised his fist before hitting the man straight in the eye.
"Oh my GOD I am so sor---YES! FINALLY I HIT SOMEONE! Take THAT!
Noone messes with MY woman! I-if it's ok with you...!"
You giggled and led eachother into the icecream truck, only taking the two cones you wanted.


"Hand it over. Now." Red was holding the man by his shirt collar.
The man quickly back down and gave you both free icecream.
"Pfft. Wuss." Red snaked an arm around your waist and ate icecream with you while watching your favorite movie.

Dark Link

He scared the man by appearing in his mirrors, showing his dark face and glowing red eyes.
The man screamed like a girl and abandoned his truck, leaving you and Dark to raid everything.
He thought you looked sexy eating icecream and tried to start a heavy makeout session
but you stopped him before his lips could reach yours.
"No, Dark. I want our first kiss to be special."
"What the hell is more special than a damn icecream truck?!"
You sighed and continued eating your icecream next to a disappointed Dark.

Laughing Jack

The icecream man refused to giv you anything and began cursing at you to never come back to his truck
again unless you had the perfect amount of change.
The man laughed when you screamed out Jack's name but shut up when he noticed the creepy clown
with long arms and messy black hair walk up to the truck.
He began throwing icecreams and treats out the window at him but Jack kept walking up to him.
He stuck a piece of candy in his mouth while he screamed making the man pass out.
He held the icecream truck door open, pretending to be a super classy gentleman.
You both sat  and talked about how his candy works while you ate icecream together.


Smiley dragged the man out the icecream truck's door window and into his house/office.
He was gone for quite a while before he returned with a blood stained shirt.
He helped you up the back of the icecream truck and you two began searching through the whole truck,
looking for good icecream and possibly money.
He showed you how to disect an icecream cone so you could easily get to the best parts.
Plus it was just plain fun.


this is payback for when I made you mine and you wouldn't play my game!"
You stomped away form him angrily.
(Sorry, Sonic will be the ass of the group c:)

Ticci Toby

He jumped into the back of the truck, you standing behind him.
He held his axe and twitched in front of the icecream man.
You were amused at how much the man feared Toby. Well, until the death part came.
You covered your eyes and tryed blocking out the best you could, but you could still hear his scream.
After a while of silence, Toby pulled your eyes away from your hands and handed you an
icecream cone, staying standing in front of you so you wouldn't see the dead body. Strange situation, but he was really sweet.

The Rake

You ran inside and told Rake about the icecream man not giving you what you deserved
and using very colorful words with you.
He changed into his monster self and ran after the truck.
You knew how he would kill the man, but you didn't want to thnk about it.
You could hear a very faint scream in the distance.
After a while of nothing, an icecrema truck driven by your boyfriend pulled up.
He pulled you inside and ate icecream while pretending to follow cars like spies or agents.

~Even monsters can love~

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