First date (fail)

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You two sat up on the highest branch of the woods talking about what might
be out in space, but when Slendy got into it and started explaining
while moving his arms around, one of his tendrilsaccidently pushed you off the tree.
He was able to catch you right before you hit the ground
but now you suffer from a VERY big fear of heights.

BEN Drowned:

You finally got him to say yes to a walk on the
beach but when when the water barely touched his toe,
he clinged on to you and refused to step foot on the sand again.
So you had to go  home and watch a movie instead, but nothing that
involved water.

Jeff the Killer:

You were both walking in the forest hand in hand, but as soon as he
heard another person in the woods that wasn't a creepypasta he took off, leaving
you behind to walk back home by yourself.
Boy, were you PISSED when he came home!

Eyeless Jack:

Jack insisted on making dinner for you, so you were really
happy. But as soon as you found out
all he knew how to cook was kidneys, you threw up in your mouth a little
and insisted on going somewhere else.
The rest of the night wasn't too bad, but he's not allowed to cook for you
anymore. Ever.


You went to his house to have dinner with him for the night.
Everything was fine, the dinner was amazing, he was sweet, what could go wrong?
Alot. Starting with Slenderman popping up and scaring you half to death.
You screamed while Masky just facepalmed himself.
After a minute of you screaming and the sound of Slendy's static, he finally went away.
The rest of the night went fine. You know, once you got over the fact that hands
were hanging down from the ceiling.


You two were walking through an abandoned building, enjoying eachothers company.
You were in the middle of your sentence when Hoody pulled you out of the building and into the
woods. He jumped behind a bush before you turned around and found two men following you.
You got angry with them for following you and yelled at them for being pervs. They tried explaining but you wouldn't let them. You slapped them both across the
face and shooed them off. You jumped behind the bush with Hoody
and continued your date just talking to eachother.

Lost Silver

You and Silver decided to go out to eat.
Everything was fine until it became time to order.
Silver became REALLY shy and was stuttering, sweating and shaking like crazy!
It got so bad that you felt bad for him and just HAD to pull him out of there!
He was apologizing like crazy but you told him it was fine and decided to order pizza and watch
a movie instead


What's a better first date than going into a popular pokemon game?
alot of things
Red had decided to take you into the game but when you got to Lavender Town, things
got so creepy you just couldn't take it anymore and Red had to take you back home.
He tried apologizing but you wouldn't let him. You told him it was ok and he was just trying to make it
an exciting first date, he didn't know it would go so wrong.
He sighed and nodded in understandment. You both finished your first date by cuddling on the couch
under a blanket and watching Pokemon.

Dark Link

Red had called and told Dark about his date with his girlfriend and Dark decided to take
his idea, thinking it would go perfect for him because he was Dark Link.
Everything went smoothly! He showed you around, let you ride horses, pick flowers, play by the shore.
What could go wrong?!
Everything was perfect.
Until he was thrown into a battle with Link.
You were a little upset about all his attention moving on to Link so suddenly.
But soon you had way too much attention!
Link threw you on to Epona and rode off with you. It took a while, but Link had to come rescue you.
He finally got you out of the game and you made him SWEAR never to take you into a game again.

Laughing Jack

You were at the carnival together, playing games and having fun!
He won you a ton of prizes and bought you lots of cotton candy and popcorn.
You were in the middle of a game when a little kid noticed him and mistook him for a clown, asking for a picture.
Jack said no, since he wasn't one and the kid threw a FIT! and drew way too much attention!
Before you knew it, Jack was covered in screaming kids and you two had to get out as soon as you could!
He apologized but you just shrugged it off and caught your breath from running from a mob of kids by taking a walk through the park.


You were taking a walk through downtown until Smiley noticed a girl that seemed to be limping.
He told he to follow, and she did. You all hopped into his car and drove to his office/home.
Poor girl. You knew what was going to happen.
You sat on the couch as he brought her down to his "area".
After a long moment of silence he came running back to the living room.
He apologized like crazy and tried to make it up to you by holding out a jar of some tiny body part or something
from one of his "patients."
"I'll pass... let's just go out to eat or something."
He nodded in agreement and you both walked out of the house hand in hand.


You two were taking a walk in the woods but after a long while, you both
noticed that wherever he went, animals would die.
You tried really hard to shrug it off but you just ended up crying, making Sonic take you home
and play video games with you anyway

Ticci Toby

You were walking through alleys together, he was trying to help you get over your fear.
Everything was helping and going great, you loved being with him...
so it really hurt when he ran off to kill someone wit his axe!
You had to walk all the way home and it was pretty scary!
When he came to visit you the next day you were pretty damn angry and made him apologize
like it was the only thing he could say for the rest of the day!

The Rake

 You were having a walk in the park but he saw a group of people recording themselves and talking about the Rake,
so he decided to do them a favor and show himself!
He jumped behind a bush before pouncing out at the group as a monster, scaring them off
and smashing their camera after dropping it.
You were a bit upset that a group of people stole your boyrfriends attention from you
but he quickly changed and apologized, making you feel better.

~Even monsters can love~

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