When you see him again

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You had just been let out of the hospital and your parents decided it would be best if you stayed home for a while before finding a job and returning to a normal life. However, you did have the option to go to school if you felt you were capable of it.
You stood in your room, looking at the pieces of furniture you'd loved and the decorations you thought fit your personality perfectly. You were such a different person now.
Something had changed in the corner of your eye and you turned to look. To your left you saw the woods from outside your window. You scanned the area until your eyes landed on a tall, pale figure in the woods-seemingly staring back at you. You were frozen in place yet didn't feel a sense of fear, but it was a sense of familiarity. You didn't dare blink until your dry eyes forced you to. As you expected, when they opened he was gone.

BEN Drowned
You were quite happy to be home again but there was a constant lingering feeling of loss.
You stepped into the restroom to take a nice warm bath but as the water began to fill something felt very eerie.
The mirror began to fog quickly whilst you gazed into the bath water, thinking about the astounding life you thought you'd been living during your time in the hospital.
Finally drifting back into reality again, you realized that the bathtub was quite full.
You had just shut off the faucet when you looked into the still water and saw the reflection of a young boy with blood tears streaming down his face, making you scream and stumble back.

Jeff the Killer
You were tired of "relaxing." You had been "relaxing" for almost three years now in a hospital bed. The day after you got home you packed your school bags and left for your first class in what seemed like your entire life, making sure to bring your earbuds and phone so you could block out the various questions you knew others would ask.
You sat bored in class whilst blasting music through your earbuds and scanning the classroom along with the objects in it. It was when your eyes locked on those of a young man staring at you through the classroom door window did you suddenly become more awake. You looked around, wondering if no one else was seeing him, before looking back at the young man. His pale skin, black hair and odd (to say the least) facial features gave off a strange yet familiar feeling. He slowly turned and left while you continued to stare in a daze for the rest of the class.

Eyeless Jack
You sat in your kitchen while sipping a glass of iced water and contemplating your whole three years in the hospital. There was pure silence before a scalpel went flying- hitting your window and cracking it. Your heart pounded and you were frozen in place.
Suddenly, a man in a dark hoodie walked over and picked up his tool that had landed on the ground in front of your window. He stared at you for what felt like hours before quickly running away.

Didn't want you guys thinking I was really gone forever :) I'm still here. Just not writing as much. School is very tough right now. Some days I don't get home until 6:30 pm or even as late as midnight. And I have to get to school at 6:45 am instead of 8:45. So please don't be upset that I am not able to write very much right now :) And as you can see... Your story is not quite over yet~
Btw I'm only doing these four because it's like 2 am and I wanted this out asap!
I love you guys! I think about you everyday!

~Even monsters can love~

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