He catches you doing something childish

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You were cosplaying as a princess from your favorite childhood
movie in the woods. You had a perfect (f/c) dress and matching shoes. You even had a tiara to go with it all! You were dancing in and empty space in the woods during sunset, brushing your hands against the trees and continuesly spinning while singing your characters' songs. You froze and ended up falling face first into the leaves that covered the forest floor when you heard a very certain someone clear their throat.
"And what might you be up to on this fine afternoon, ____?"

BEN Drowned

BEN was excited to tell you about a new game he found, so he was constantly stumbling over his own two feet as he ran towards your room. He slammed open the door and his jaw dropped when he found you wearing a Link outfit and carrying a fake, yet realistic, sword and sheild.
You blushed and silence filled the room for quite some time before BEN broke it.
".........Again with the Link thing!? Why the Hell not Zelda!?" He crossed his arms and pouted like a two year old.
"Because....Zelda annoys me. Haven't you heard Smosh's Legend of Zelda song?" You cleared your throat and prepared to sing a bit of the song. "LEGEND OF ZELDA!? SCREW THAT! LEGEND OF LINK!"
BEN slow clapped as he slowly back out of the room and towards his own room.

Jeff the Killer

Jeff walked into your room to ask you something about a few plans you had made with him.
His eyes widened wider than they already were when he finally noticed the fact that you were wearing a traditional kimono and your hair was put up with a beautiful hair stick with a pink flower and red beads dangling from it. You walked up to him and began speaking fluent Japanese, which he never knew you were capable of. "kon'nichiwa! Hajimemashite? Ii tenki desu nee! [1]" You said with a small bow.
Jeff stared at you with a blank expression before shouting out. "What the bloody hell are you fucking saying to me!? I don't speak any haji-shinanananannananan whatever crap!" He turned on heel and slammed the door behind him as he stormed out. You stood there, still smiling like an idiot.
"Arigato! Ja ne![2]" You waved at the shut door.

Eyeless Jack

You had been on a sugar addiction for a while. You hadn't eaten anything other than sugar.
At school you would stack your tray with loads of sweets and just get a couple of 'healthy' things to get past the lunch ladies and teachers then hand out the healthy crap to your friends. You had been put in a lot of bets to go at least a day without sugar and well...you always lost. Because, your closet in your room had a stash of sweets and when you weren't craving any of the sweets or five different packs of cookies you had put up, you just ate spoonfuls of sugar out of it's bag. Jack walked into the living room to watch TV like always and raised his eyebrow under his mask tat the sight of you stuffing your face with spoonfuls of sugar.
"You know..." He started, causing you to shoot a glare at him, knowing where he was going with this.
"That's really unhealthy ____." He finished. You growled out of irritation.
"Kissing you is unhealthy considering how many organs you eat on a daily basis." You went back to eating.
He shrugged and just sat down to watch TV like he came to do in the first place.


He walked out to the backyard to find you too short to reach the pinata that you hung.
He watched you in amusement as you constantly kept throwing the stick in the air, attempting to hit it but still always failing. What confused him is the fact that you got it up there but you still couldn't manage to hit it. "Um..." He reached out to help you but you jumped back.
"I got this, okay!?" You yelled, throwing the stick into the air again. He held his hands up in defense while he walked back into the house, chuckling at the occasional whines and grunts you made.
(That wasn't supposed to sound sexual...XD)


He had a long day so went straight to his room when he got home.
The first thing he saw when he walked in was you in one of his hoodies that looked way oversized on you. Your hands weren't even close to being seen and the hoodie was sagging off your shoulders. You blushed while Hoody sighed. He just glanced at you one more time and giving you a small smirk under his mask before falling face first onto his bed and automatically falling asleep, leaving you to return to rummage through his closet and belongings.

Lost Silver

You had been awfully quiet and distant all day, so Silver began missing you. (D'awww!)
He walked up to your room as quiet as possible and cracked your bedroom door open.
You spun around to face him and he could finally see what you had been doing all day.
His eyes had landed on a tiny, dainty tea set with little flowers painted on each piece and three toys that he never knew you had, surrounding it. There was a small vanilla-colored bunny, a soft white sheep hugging a lamb in its arms and a purple haired doll wearing pink pajamas sitting next to you.
You blinked at eachother in silence for a bit before he left the room just to come back with a small fluffy Squirtle Pokemon stuffed animal and sat next to you, pretending to wait for his tea.


He walked into your bedroom and his jaw dropped when he found you watching Pokemon while dressed in a giant Pikachu hoodie onesie.
He watched you sing the Pokemon theme song word by word in amusement before finally stepping back out and running outside just to fall to the ground from laughing so hard.

Dark Link

He saw you fangirling while listening to Vocaloid music and trying to sing along but being interrupted by your own squeals and failing miserably. (My fav is Oliver and Len. ^-^) He knew it was the right thing to just leave and let you be alone.
So he screamed at the top of his lungs and made you literally jump from your seat and fall onto the ground.
"DAMN YOU DARK!" You yelled after him as he ran out of the room.

Laughing Jack

He walked into the kitchen and found you dancing on the dining table in your pajamas while singing 'Lollipop' and using rainbow lollipop as the microphone.
Since you and Jack spent your money on the sweeter things in life (really.), you were both broke so he was throwing mints and Hershey Kisses at you.
"Ow Jack! The mints hurt!" You shouted. He just shrugged and continued throwing them.


He strode into his bloody area with a new client.
He was reassuring her that everyone was going to be fine but that quickly changed when they both spotted you in the middle of his death room playing with a chainsaw while wearing a creepy clown mask with fake (hopefully) blood plattered across it.
You and Smiley broke into a laughing fit as the girl ran away.
...Too bad Smiley caught up with her.


You were walking through the mall together and though you were holding hands already, you wanted to skip and make it cuter but he insisted on walking at probably the slowest pace ever.
"Will you hurry up already?" You giggled, bouncing around and waiting for him.
"I don't think so. Will you slow the fuck down?" It seemed as though he got even slower...
"Language Sonic-pop!" You did a couple of spins and striked a pose. You were in a very happy mood!
"Ha! How about.....**** no. It's my **** mouth so I can ******* say whatever the ******* **** I ******* want to ******* say, ****-***, little ****..... God ******* *******." He said calmly, walking up to you.
You just blinked a couple of times at his...uhm...vocabulary.


You were following him all day shouting "Itadakimasu!!!!!" while wearing pink bunny ears.
"What are you even saying to me!?" He shouted, flailing his arms around.
"Let's eat! Duhhh...Now come on! I'm starving!" You pouted.
He just sighed and kept walking around while you followed him and continued shouting at him in Japanese. He still ignored you until you shut up.

The Rake

"Haha! say it again!"
"Aww! Again!
Rake was fangirling over the way you said 'Hi' ...
"You have such a tiny voice...!"
You over dramaticly gasped and turned away from him, pouting and crossing your arms like a two year old. It just made him laugh and fangirl even more.


Okay so as you can tell... I speak a bit of Japanese xD
This scenario was based on my life :D
'Supposably' I'm extremely childish because I do all of these things.
People fangirl over my small voice and height, I have dolls and stuffed animals, I have a tea set (or two...), I wear bunny ears. I do all of it.
So there's a sneak peak into my life/personality. xD
Ja ne Mina![3]


[1] Good afternoon! How do you do?The weather is nice! (in Jeff's scenario)
Thank you! Goodbye! (in Jeff's scenario)
Goodbye everyone! (In my everyday footnotes)

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