When you're Jealous

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You were talking on and on until you
noticed there were no other footsteps around you.
You turned around and saw Slendy looking down on some
girls that were admiring him.
He noticed you get angry and watched you stand
there with arms crossed.
He walked over, looking at the ground like a five year old,
knowing he wasn't going to hear the
end of it.

BEN Drowned:

You walked into his room and watched him
play COD for a while...
Until you noticed a girl flirting with him.
BEN didn't notice, but you DEFINITELY did!
You grabbed his remote and mic and cussed her out
while shooting her obsessively, even after
she was dead.

Jeff the Killer:

You were out with him, watching him in "action" when 
he started talking to some random girl!
You got pretty pissed and made sure he noticed.
When he did, he took advantage of it all and looked at the girl, giving
her the 'call me' sign.
You knew Jeff was a flirt sometimes, but that made you blow your top off!
You took Jeff's knife and attacked her.
Jeff was proud of you but you jumped at every sudden noise, cautious 
of any police sirens.

Eyeless Jack:

Jack walked through the door with a bag full of
kidneys and....what was that....?
You were usually shy and innocent (emotional. VERY emotional)
but Jack coming home like this.
You asked him what happened and as soon as he replied
with "fan girls"
you demanded he took you to her house.
You woke her up by slapping her across the face and
where Jack had cut her open.
You two had a big cat fight, but your anger boiled up and sparked something in you, making you able to kick her ass!
Jack was proud.


You caught a couple of fangirls talking about him within eachother
and giving him the eye. He didn't seem to notice so he was
confused when you went up to them and yelled at them for giving your boyfriend the eye.
They quickly walked off and you went back to your boyfriend who, still, didn't understand
what was happening.


You were reading a Hoody fanfic and when you saw them talking about
them "mentally dating hoody" you just lost it.
You seemed to have picked up on Hoody's habit of threatening
because you were messaging and posting endless threats.
You eventually got banned from the website.

Lost Silver

Silver was in therapy for being too shy.
You were sitting next to him when you saw a girl lean into him
and use a "sexy" voice.
You reached across Silver and slapped her right across the face.
You're n anger managment now...


You were at an arcade playing any pokemon game you could find.
A girl with huge boobs and a tight pokemon shirt walked up to Red but you
decided to see what she wanted.
You casually walked around, watching them.
She handed him her number and hugged him tightly, making sure to press
her chest against him just right.
You ran up to her and punched her in the chest and.....it popped.
You stared for a moment before busting out laughing, Red joining in right after.
She ran out, leaving you two still laughing like maniacs.

Dark Link

A scene girl walked in and the first thing she spotted was Dark.
Thinking she was all that, and a bag of chips, she came up to him and sat on his lap!
You were about to go yell at her but stopped and let your jaw drop when you
saw Dark push her off his lap!
Everyone was laughing, except her, when she stormed out and you replaced her.

Laughing Jack

You were watching him kill when thi fangirl popped up and was all over him!
You slid through the window, grabbed a handful of Jack's candy
and shoved it into her mouth until she stopped breathing.
It was scary, but Jack applauded.


You were watching him "fix" someone when the patient
sat up and pecked his lips randomly.
You grabbed his tool out of his hand and randomly started stabbing her in the neck, yelling "MINE MINE MINE MINE MINE MINE..."
Smiley was laughing in the background until you finished.


A girl randomly came up to him and started running her
fingers up and down his arm making him shiver.
You were getting angrier and angrier as you watched him let it happen when all of a sudden...
Sonic looks down at the ground for a second then looks up at her slowly, showing her his bloody
red eyes before shoving her off of him and onto the floor.
She screamed and you walked yourself right up to him and linked your arm into his
before walking away and leaving her there.

Ticci Toby

A girl came up to him and started playing with his hair.
Before you could say something, he slapped her away.
"My girlfriend's right there. Touch me again and she'll do worse."
He wrapped his arm around your waist and pulled you away.
You turned around and stuck your tongue out at her without him noticing, making her
even angrier.

The Rake

You two were on a chat website when a girl came on
and tried asking Rake if he wanted a strip tease.
You were about to yell but he covered your mouth and told her
off for you.
"You're just desperate porn." He shut the computer off and hugged you.

~Even monsters can love~

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