When you dream of him~

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I was listening to some sappy songs by vocaloids c: my favorite is Len (Japanese) and Oliver (British). The songs I was playing was LenxRin Romeo and Cinderella and Oliver Once upon a December. Okay I'll shut up now c:



You were walking through the woods and kept hearing static but ignored it.
It was nearly 3 am and you still had no idea why you were outside in the middle of the woods...
You spun around when you noticed footsteps behind you and for some reason...you weren't scared when your eyes landed on the tall, white, featureless man standing there in his suit.
You looked down to find yourself in a long, slick black dress that dragged over the crunching leaves as you walked towards him. You looked up and watched him crouch down to aout your level before you wrapped your arms around his neck and hugged him tight.

BEN Drowned

You were staring at your TV that had nothing but a static screen that only played white noise.
You never blinked and watched intensely as if something were to happen.
After a while of wishing, you saw what looked like two black circles as eyes and a creepy smile appear in the black and white screen. You kept a straight face as you scooted up to the TV and placed your hands on the screen before pulling them away and leaving what looked like black handprints. You heard what sounded like BEN's laugh, which made you smile and soon join him.

Jeff the Killer

You were hugging your knees and crouched down in the middle of your parents' bedroom holding a bloodied knife tightly. There, in the far corner of the lifeless room, were your two dead parents.
You were shaking and crying harder than ever when you felt a hand rest on your shoulder and the sound of a soft chuckle. You slowly turned your head towards the owner of the laughing and made eye contact with a pale man with wide eyes, a carved smile and scruffy black hair.
You two just sat there in the same position for what seemed like forever before breaking down into a fit of both crying and giggling.

Eyeless Jack

You were sitting in the middle of the woods, playing with a worn out doll.
You seemed to be maybe six in this dream.
You heard rustling from a bush and spun around towards the noise to find a man with a black hoodie and blue mask just standing there and watching you play.
A large smile crept onto your face and you ran to him and clung onto his leg. Next thing you know, you were back to your normal age and sitting criss-crossed in front of him, still smiling.


You and an unkown figure were throwing paper around and tossing a white doll back and forth.
You didn't seem to mind the fact that you were playing with a complete stranger and didn't even know what his face looked like, you were just having fun.
You could see he was wearing blue jeans and an orange hoody but the hood was covering his face with a dark shadow so you couldn't make out anything else!
You threw the doll too high and when he tried reaching up to catch it, his hood fell back and revealed his real face. He blushed but you just smiled, making him smile back.


You were looking at some sleeping pills that you had found on the side of the street and was debating whether to take them all or not.You were just about to pop them all into your mouth when a voice interrupted you.
"Do that and you'll die."
You blinked a couple of times in shock at the fact that you didn't notice him. "Yes...I'm well aware of that."
You stared at eachother for a while he turned back to looking straight ahead and just shrugged.
You looked back down at the pills and was hesitant to eat them or not but instead of doing that you stood up and dumped them out of the bottle, making them scatter.You turned to smile at the man who was just there and thank him, but he was already gone.

Lost Silver

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