Important message for those going through hard times.

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Hey guys. Emily here. So... I recently found out that I will be going into court in a couple of weeks due to family drama that went too far. I was listening to a song and it just brought everything back fll force, you know? Like... It's not fair. Why me? Why should I have to go to court? Why did I have to hide in closets with my little sister, listen to my mom get threatened, get pulled out of classes to talk to police and get separated from my family for long periods of times? 

It's not fair. Not to any of us going through hard times. I still have emotional break downs, I still cut sometimes and cry myself to sleep...but don't we all?

You may not be, or never had been, going through family drama, but if you're depressed for whatever reason then just listen to me for a bit.

You are not alone. That line is so cliche but it's true. You have no idea how many people around could be going through something just like you, maybe even worse. 

It does get better, no matter what situation it is. Tomorrow could be better guys, so please don't give up on life. No matter how many tears you shed, how many terrible people are out there, how many screams go on in your life- the world is beautiful. You're beautiful. Don't waste it away so quickly, you have so much more to do in your life, so many things to see!

It's okay to not hold it in anymore. 

Don't resort to slitting your perfect skin open, guys.

Just open up and let it out, don't be afraid to cry. Go into the shower and just cry! Cry as hard as you can, as much as you want, as loud as you want and if someone hears you and ask just let it out guys, they'll understand. Your parents may be harsh but they love you no matter what they say or do, I promise.  

Get a hobby, write, sing, dance, do whatever but do something to get your mind off of things.

And remember.

No matter how shy you might be...

You can talk to me and I promise to listen and give the best advice I can because I know what pain is and because of you guys, I know what love is. 

So don't be afraid. Be you.

I love you guys. 

~Even monsters can love~

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