When he comes back

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You were sitting on a branch
in the woods, on Slendy and yours' favorite
tree to be a little more specific.
You hated looking at the moon and stars without him but you
missed him so much that you thought you'd give
it another try.
You were lost in thought when you felt something tug at your shirt and
pull you down off the branch. You screamed as you fell
down but was caught right before you hit the ground.
You looked up with wide eyes at
the one and only faceless man and clung to eachother,
crying happy tears.

BEN Drowned

BEN had been gone for nearly a week now and it was like
you couldn't live without him.
You sat in front of the TV staring at the idle Link character, hugging your knees.
"Please come out... He'll be back soon!" You winced at the light
that cracked through the door and filled the dark room.
"No Emma.......I wanna be here when he gets back...."
You didn't take your eyes off the screen. You heard Emma sigh and close the door
right before you heard her and Jeff argue about who has to
set the table. For once you didn't want to laugh.
You sat there for another hour or so when you heard the Happy Mask Man's laugh fill the room
and the TV went static. Even though you were used to this crap, you were a bit scared.
You buried you head in your knees until you felt someone wrap their arms around you.
You looked up to see your bloody BEN. "Sorry I scared you babe...!" You welcomed him
back with a long passionate kiss. (This was long....you're welcome...)

Jeff the Killer

You were still upset about Jeff not being here...
So you grew the horrible habit of eating your way out of depression.
Thank god you were blessed with amazingly high metabolism or you'd
replace the world's fattest woman alive!
You had just finished your second tub of (fav icecream) and was on your way to the
kitchen to get more when you felt yourself step in something warm.
"Oh god...pleasedontbecum...pleasedontbecum....PLEASE DO NOT BE CUM."
You repeated quietly. Wait...who's would it be?!
You quickly flicked on the lights and found that it was blood that you had
stepped in. There was a long trail of it leading to the kitchen.
You stepped into the kitchen and turned on the light to find a dead body and
a beautiful flower pattern on the walls made of his blood.
You let out a small scream when you felt something cold on your neck
and....kisses on the back of your neck...wait....
You turned around and found yourself staring at wide eyes and a large smile.
You slammed your lips into the figure, to have them return the favor.
"I missed you so much Jeff~"
(These will probably all be long...)

Eyeless Jack

"*sigh* ____...."
You shot up from your pillow and saw a flash of blue before your head
slammed into it and made both you and the blue figure fall back in slight pain.
You sat back up and looked down to see a hooded man with a blue mask, holding his
head in pain while laying on your bedroom floor.
"Jack!" You jumped out of bed with your feet tangled in the blankets, bringing them down
with you as you landed on Jack.
"HNN!!!! Hey....___...!" He barely managed to choke out through the pain for his
head you hit and hit groin that you landed on....
His pain quickly faded away at the feeling of your lips on his.
"Heh....Missed you too..." He whispered through the kiss.


You had a bad day at school and Masky not being here didn't help.
You sighed and slumped down onto the couch, reaching for
the remote and clicking it on.
Your face went from upset to confused at the screen shifted and showed a
man with a black and white mask in horrible quality.
With same bad quality and shifting, black and white screen the faint words
TURN AROUND popped up and though it was freaky, you thought it was fake and obeyed
the screen. You were wrong.
As soon as you turned around, you felt lips being pressed to yours, they felt familiar so you
kissed back. You pulled away and looked up to see.....MASKY?!
He was adjusting his mask when you swtood up on the couch and jumped onto him, knocking you both
"Missed ya too, cheesecak-I MEAN ___!"
You giggled and kissed him again.


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