Meeting Emma the Doll

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This chapter is dedicated to Emma the Doll if you wanna check it out!


He had always told you about Emma the Doll,
but you never saw her in person.
So when she came around the corner you jumped seeing her
with her a stitched smile and a knife

BEN Drowned:

You were playing games as always, but jumped at
every noise.
You were nervous after reading the Emma the Doll creepypasta
When you were finally calming down
Emma the Doll barged in to your room.
You screamed and fell out of your gaming chair.
She helped you up and even though you were scared, you soon became

Jeff the Killer:

You were in a pretty pissy mood after hearing Jeff
talk about Emma a lot, even though he was just describing her.
When you ran in to her your anger automatically flared
up and you pinned her against the wall (a move you learned
from Jeff)
You started yelling at eachother, her calling you "nothin' but used chapstick
for what was left of his lips" and you calling her "Jiffy, the Jeffy wanna-be!"

Eyeless Jack:

You bumped into Emma th Doll and had
a spasm attack when you saw her stitched smile, making her
look at you like a retard.
You finally passed out from spazzing out so much.
You woke up but saw her in front of your face,
making you pass out AGAIN.


You saw Masky and a girl you recognized as Emma the Doll walking together. You ran up to Masky and grabbed his hand, standing in between them.
They were both confused for a while but Emma eventually got it.
"Don't worry...He's all yours.." She whispered in your ear.
You let go of Masky's hand and walked off with Emma, starting funny conversations with her.
Masky was still dumb-struck as you left him behind.


You were walking through the woods towards Hoody's tree when all of a sudden...
A girl jumped out in front of you, making you fall back to the ground.
You were too shocked to scream because of her stitched smile and how she was holding black thread in one hand and a knife in the other.
There was a long awkward silence until Hoody came in and broke it.
"I see you met Emma the Doll!" Everyone loosened up
and all three of you enjoyed eachothers company for the rest of the day.

Lost Silver

You went to visit Silver but when you walked into his place, a girl with brown
hair was poking his hat.
"Why so shy? I can make you smile!"
I can make you smile..You knew those words...You heard of her and read about her.
You turned her around to reveal a young girl with brown eyes and a small
smile under her already stitched one.
"Hello Emma...Just leave him alone, alright?" You said it sweetly as possible.
She let out a small giggle. "Sure! Bye Silver! Bye ___, nice meeting you!"
She patted the top of his hat and skipped out the door.
You and Silver just hung out like you promised after that.


"You should meet her sometime" Red was telling you about his friend, Emma.
"Yeah, I'd love to meet your friend!"
"Good Ill call her over." He went into the back room and called Emma over.
You were a little excited to see her in person.
She finally walked in about ten minutes earlier.
You didn't like her at first but you soon were lost in endless conversations.

Dark Link

"What do you mean she's a 'babe'?!" Dark was telling you about his friend
Emma the Doll and everything was fine until he brought up the fact that he thought she was
extremely attractive.
"Yeah she's a total babde but calm the fuck down beause if I wanted her more than you I
would have left by now, damn." You put your hands on your hips.
You understood him but still, every girl would get jealous from that.
She walked through the door a minute later. Speak of the Doll...
She wasn't nearly as bad as she sounded so you became friends really easily.
Though, you still don't trust Dark around her...

Laughing Jack

"YAY SHES GONNA BE HERE SOON." you were always excited about meeting new people.
Jack had told you a lot about her so you were way over excited to meet her.
She came in and you glomped her.
She was a little weirded out since you never met her, but she eventually hugged back.
All three of you had a really nice time and planned on meeting up again later.


"I love how she fixes herself. Like her smile. She knew she was in trouble
so she helped herself and now she goes around helping other people! She's just like me!"
Smiley was going on and on about her, you didn't have any real emotion. No jealousy nor excitement.
But you did kind of want to meet her, just for the fun of meeting someone new.
The jealousy came when she stole all of Smiley's attention but after she left he apologized and kissed your nose.


"You'd love her! You have so much in common!"
"Like what?!"
"Your'e both girls....? I DON'T KNOW!"
"She sounds like a bitch!"
"God dammit ____!"
Sonic was telling you about his friend Emma the Doll but you just didn't want any competition.
He finally forced you into seeing her and you were...shocked.
She wasn't anything like you expected. She didn't even want to be with Sonic since she knew
you loved him and she just didn't like him that way.
You both pushed Sonic out of the conversation and talked about...girl stuff.
Sonic was right.
You do have a lot in common! You're both girls!

Ticci Toby

Emma and Toby were comparing weapons. You were the judge but when you chose Toby's weapon over Emma's
there was a huge argument about favoritism.
The argument was stupid and lasted a while but you all laughed about it later.

The Rake

You all talked about your worst fears and random thoughts.
Emma and you became really good friends but never excluded Rake form anything.
No matter how girly.
You invited Emma to visit again and she happily agreed and ran home.

~Even monsters can love~

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