When he asks you out

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You went through the woods again, trying to find more information about the Slenderman.
You found yourself playing his game but this one seemed different.
Instead of all of the pages reading the normal threats, all of them read "DATE ME?"
When you got to the last page, which read "YES OR NO" with check boxes underneath,
you took the pen that was attached to the paper ans checked yes, right before a tendril wrapped around
you and pulled out into a hug.

BEN Drowned

You were listening to the radio when it all when static and you heard a boy's voice say
"_____, go out with me, BEN" over and over, causing you to get a little freaked out.
But when you finally managed to throw out a soft "y-yeah...s-sure"
The voice stopped and it automatically went to the song "Celebration", making you look like a
dumb-struck anime character.

Jeff the Killer

You woke up tied to a chair in the corner of your room under a cliche movie spotlight.
You saw Jeff walk out of the shadows, twirling his knife and allowing the shadows to cover half of
his face so he only showed his smile. "Go out with me or I'll make you regret it and make you and your
family go to sleep.."
You stared at him blankly. "Jeff, I would have said yes without you going through al this trouble."
He let out a dark evil laugh.
"You know you can turn on the lights now, right?" you said, arching an eyebrow and narrowing your eyes at him.
He grunted and turned the lights back on. "Why do you ruin all my fun?!"
You yelled afor him to come back and untie you as he left the room.

Eyeless Jack

You heard a window open for a minute and close again, too scared to open your eyes.
After about five minutes of silence you opened an eye to see a note beside your pillow.
Opening it you read the words (which were in very bad handwriting)
"Blood is red, My mask is blue, I like you too much to eat you.
Go out with me?"
It wasn't the sweetest poem in the world, but what do you expect from a guy who eats
kidneys all day?
You cut out a heart from a piece of paper and wrote the word "Yes <3" before
taping it outside your window.
You were half asleep when you heard the heart being removed from the window and a guy
whisper-yell "Yes!!!!!"


You walked home from your friend's house and opened the door
excited to get into bed.
You weren't expecting to find the entire floor COVERED in paper scraps.
You picked up a couple of scraps, revealing the fact that they were all notes that read the
same thing. "Date me. Now." You didn't know how to respond
so (Thank god your mom wasn't home) you screamed "YES ILL DATE YOU!" through out
the house. After not getting a response in a while you closed your eyes and sighed.
When you opened them you found yourself being pulled in to a hug by someone.
You looked up to find Masky hugging you. You pushed up his mask just enough to see him smiling down at you.


You went to visit Hoody in the woods again and found yourself following a trail of
pills, which you didn't notice until almost five minutes into the trip.
You finally got to the end of the trail and slowly looked up to find Hoody standing in front
of you. "Go out with me. Or I'll steal everything that keeps your
family alive. Including their lives." He threatened. You let out a small giggle, making him tilt his
head like a confused puppy. You told him he didn't have to threaten you to go
out with him and cheerfully agreed to being his.
He awkwardly patted you on the head and walked away. You were confused but just shrugged and went home.

Lost Silver

Silver was always shy but this time he seemed even more distant than usual.
Whevenever he was around you, You became suddenly interested in his feet and would twiddle his thumbs.
You finally snapped. "Silver, is something wrong? You've been really distant lately."
"W-well...you see...I really like you and being your friend b-but..."
You cut him off. "Y-you don't want to be friends anymore..?" You had so much sadness in your voice.
"N-No! That's not it at ALL! I love you ____!" He quickly covered his mouth and widened his eyes, shocked at what he just said.
Your sadness was replaced with joy and you clung on to him.
"S-so you'll be mine....?"
"Of course Silver!" He hugged back, not letting go for what seemed like forever.


Red kept sending messages via DS/Gameboy, telling you to meet him later.
You set  your DS/Gameboy next to you on the couch before a Red appeared after you blinked (which
always made you jump). You could tell he had something on his mind and gestured for him to spit it out.
"You and I like eachother. It's obvious. So you. Me. Together. From now on!"
He held his head high in confidence and crossed his arms.
You nodded violently in approval. You kept calm but on the inside you were jumping for joy!
You found yourself being pulled into a hug and automatically hugged back.

Dark Link

Dark must have popped in through your TV not too long ago...unless he watched you for
a while or something....
You woke up to see Dark shaking you awake, with a sly grin on his face.
"What Dark?" You sighed, looking at the clock and noticing that it was 3 am.
"Damn....You're sexy when you sleep...But you'd look a hell lot better in my bed..."
He mumbled the last part so you could barely make it out.
"What do you want Dark?" You slowly sat up, propping yourself up on your elbow.
"You to be mine. Yes? Great. Later babe." He quickly jumped back into the TV.
You looked at the clock one more time before letting yourself fall back onto your pillow.

Laughing Jack

You returned to the warehouse to see Jack again, like always.
But this was different...
Instead of all the lights being off, there were a couple on, but with (f/c) lightbulbs
being used to light the floor, revealing letters made of candy.
You took peices of candy from the letters and wrote the word "YES"
underneath his candy gesture.
You stood there for a minute before you felt two arms wrap around your waist, pulling you into a deep hug.


You knocked on Smiley's door, he said it was important so you quickly ran over here full of worry.
The door opened by itsself, freaking you out slightly, but knowing Smiley you shrugged it off.
You walked in and tried looking for him. Something was very odd though.
In every room was a letter written in blood on the wall.
After going through the whole house and not finding him you thought about the letters.
"B E W I T H M E"
You put them together and gasped, letting out a quick, louder than it should have been, "Yes!"
Smiley quickly slid around the corner. "About time!" He joked before grabbing your wrist and pulled you into a tight hug.


You were playing a new game that you were obsessed with so you didn't notice an upset Sonic
pop out of your computer.
"Hey! Why the hell aren't you playing MY game?!"
He was a little taken back. "Whatever. You're mine now? Got it dammit?!"
"K." You still refused tot ake your eyes off the screen.
He growled and hopped back into your computer. You paused the game about five minutes later
and processed it. "K." was all you could let out before returning back to you game.

Ticci Toby

You peeked into the alley you walked into last time. Nothing suspicious
but you still weren't taking your chances again. Yeah, you learned your lesson about 'curiosity killing the cat.'
You shrugged and turned around, coming face to face with the thing you saw earlier.
He didn't seem so bad in the light and when he wasn't holding a weapon.
You ended up having long conversations and spending a LOT of time together.
You were about to say something about having to go  but he pressed his finger to your lips.
"Shhh....Be my girlfriend?"
You were a little taken back since you just met but decided to wing it. If it didn't work out, hey, you 
knew it was coming.  You gladly said yes and gave him a quick hug
before running home.

The Rake

You were waiting for Rake by the window. You saw a pale beige color quickly rush behind a bush,
making you jump but calm down when you saw Rake stand up from behind the bush
and began nearing your window.
Before he could knock you slid open your window and pulled him into a hug.
"Haha! Hey ____!" He said, hugging back.
"Hey Rake!" You finally broke the hug.
"I was wondering if you wanted to be mine?"
You widened your eyes into his in shock. You found yourself lost in his eyes...how much you loved them.
You were snapped out of your world when you finally noticed Rake waving his hand in front of your face.
"Y-Y-YEAH!!!!" you shouted a little louder than you should have.
"Haha! okay!" He hugged you and uickly left, leaving you daydreaming out your window.

~Even monsters can love~

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