At the Wedding

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You smiled at the sight of Slendy waiting at the end of the isle for you. You could feel tears begin to fill your eyes, causing your vision to blur so you blinked them away. As you blinked, an eyelash got caught in your eyes.

You were blinking rapidly and your eyes stung. While you weren't paying attention, you tripped on your dress and felt yourself self falling almost as if it went in slow motion. Just as you were about to hit the ground, you felt something wrap around you.

You blinked a few times and looked over to see Slendy holding you with his tendrils. You smiled softly has he carried over to the spot where you'd become hs forever.

BEN Drowned

BEN decided that if he locked his knees he would seem slightly taller and better looking. He started feeling a bit dizzy but passed it off as anxiety.

Right in the middle of your vows you saw him swaying slightly and his eyes getting heavy. You leaned in to ask if he was okay just as he fell over and blacked out. You rushed over to him and held him against you. "BEN!?" You shouted.

He groaned and let his eyes flutter open. "I should't have locked my knees like that...." He pointed at the priest. "And you shouldn't have let the ceremony go on long enough to where I'd pass out...speaking of ceremony...Are we married yet...?" You giggled and pressed your lips against his. "We are now, BEN."

Jeff the Killer

Just as you were leaning in to kiss you felt the terrible urge to sneeze. You tried to quicken the pace and kiss him already but Jeff was in the moment and wanted to slowly savor each moment as the urge strengthened.

Just as you were about to press your lips to his when you gasped and let out a sneeze, causing Jeff to let out a grunt and jump back. You blushed deeply as Jeff cursed under his breath before chuckling and slamming his lips into yours unexpectedly. You blinked in shock but smiled and reached over to hold his hand.

Eyeless Jack

Jack snuck in over to the cake before the wedding reception with a bag of kidneys. He thought it'd be nice to add a touch of his personality in the cake, too. So, he added chopped kidney sprinkles to the cake then ran out.

You stood there, laughing with your closest friends when you heard a loud scream erupt from the center of the room and shouts of complaints from others who wanted to know what was in the cake. You looked down at your own slice to find bits of chopped kidneys. You looked up and let out a shout demanding Jack's presence. Jack jumped and quickly ran out of the room, trying to hide.


It was finally time for the bride and groom slow dance and you and Masky slowly approached each other. Masky was blushing under his mask while you were unlucky enough to have your entire red face be on display for the entire crowd of family and friends.

You and Masky finally connected and began swaying to the music as everyone awed and smiled at you two.

The song soon ended and you two began giggling uncontrollably before Masky lifted his mask an pecked your lips softly.


You were almost done getting ready and decided to ignore the old myth about receiving bad luck from showing the groom your dress. You stepped into the room where Hoody was dressing and your jaw dropped.

Hoody was wearing the ugliest suit you had ever seen. It was baby blue with a neon orange tie and cuffs to match.

"Hoody why are you wearing that hideous suit!?"

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