Genderswap special!

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Slendy had just finished putting on his suit and still hadn't noticed any difference...until he tried putting on his tie and realized...He had boobs! He stared at himself in the mirror for the longest time before simply sighing and going over to wake you up.

"____...." You groaned and rolled over in bed to look up at him. "What?" You were still half asleep so didnt pay any mind to these....subtle differences in Slendy's appearances.

"Are you bi?" Your mood suddenly became angry. "ugh, I can not believe you Slendy. We already went through this with the whole Justin Bieber thing! Are you kidding me?" Slendy tried speaking but you kept going on. "____, I was just asking because well...we have somewhat of a problem if you're not." He gestured to his chest. You looked down to his newly formed chest and you were suddenly completely awake.

BEN Drowned

BEN woke up to some sudden pains in his chest and sighed. At first be brushed it off but it felt too different than others he had had before. He dragged himself over to the bathroom and began unzipping his pants. While he lazily hovered over the toilet, he caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror. He didn't notice at first but soon came to realization and his gaze locked on his... feminine reflection.

He let out a high-pitched scream that had you bolting into the bathroom. "BEN! IT'S OKAY I HAVE TOWELS I PROMISE THE TOILET WATER WONT HURT YOU-" You locked gazes with your uh.... wife... and your jaw dropped. "BEN! YOU'RE A....A...GI-" "I'M A GIRL OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD MY LIFE IS RUINED!"

"How are we going to explain this to everyone!? How can we have kids!?" "Forget that, ____! HOW AM I GONNA MASTURBATE!?"

Jeff the Killer

You woke up to sudden movement and what sounded like... laughter. Uh oh. You figured Jeff was having one of his 'insanity moments' and decided to hide under the bed. After rolling under, you layed there for what seemed like hours while listening to Jeff ramble on about himself as he laughed insanely.

You looked at your phone. 4 am already? What the hell Jeff, you thought. Suddenly, the bathroom door creaked open and you froze in place. "I can't believe this, I'm so..perfect! I can't wait for ____ to see this for her very own eyes!" You gulped. You listened to the footsteps that were coming closer and your breaths were short and shaky.

"Baaaabe~" You watched Jeff's figure crouch down and his fingers wrap around the skirt of the bed. He knew where you were. You squeezed your eyes shut and expected nothing less than excruciating pain. "____? Babe, look at this!" Puzzled, you cracked open an eye and stole a peek at Jeff. What you saw made your eyes widen and your breath hitch. "Babe! Look! BOOBS!"

Eyeless Jack

"Jack?" You called, as you slowly came down the stairs of your house. "Jack where are you?" You looked around the dark living room that didn't hold a single sign of Jack, which was extremely odd since he was almost always sitting in front of the TV, but the TV wasn't even on this time.

You heard a noise erupt from the kitchen before hearing a feminine laugh. You suddenly became somewhat angered knowing that not only did Jack let someone over without telling you, it was a woman! You stomped over to the kitchen, completely flustered. "Jack! Please explai-" You looked over at a girl that seemed to be wearing Jack's clothes. "What the hell!? Where's Jack!?" "I'm Jack, ____. I don't know what happened but I woke up like this." "And you didn't even bother telling me!?" "Nope."

You let out a long sigh as you leaned against the wall. "Hey, ____?" "Yes....Jack?" "Can I try one of those diaper things you wear?" "No, Jack. You may not try on a pad." "Fine. I'll just go BLEED elsewhere!" You watched Jack flip his hair and strut over to the bathroom. Obviously, this couldn't get any worse so you weren't going to even bother trying to stop him.

~Even monsters can love~

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