"Okay! See you tomorrow then," you said to him. Then tomorrow you both spending day together. Watch movies and he’s always tried to hold your hand during the movie but finally you just leaned your head on his shoulder.


Your doorbell rang. You got up lazily from sofa then walked to the door. You opened the door and saw Alex was standing there with roses. You laughed. "Alex, what are you doing?" you said to him. He smiled and gave the roses to you.

"Deliver this beautiful roses for beautiful girl in front of me now," he said to you. You blushed.

"Nah, The second thing was awfully incorrect," you sniffed. He laughed.

"Yeah, I know. It should be ‘The MOST beautiful girl in the world’," he said quoting his hand on the air. You laughed then punched his chest.

"Enough with the flirts. Come on, go in," you said to him as he walked inside your house. Then you both just watch movie and playing cards with him. You also introduced him to your mom and they got along so quickly.


You were just reading book while laying on your bed and thought about the things you’ve been through with Alex, Robert, Zach and Austin. They all seems like perfect guys. So cute, so humble, so friendly and the type of boyfriend that all girls were dreaming of. When you were day dreaming about all that things suddenly someone throw gravel at your window. You felt a little scared because it was almost midnight and someone just throwing rocks… You thought it was ghost or something. But you could hear someone whispering your name and you quite sure it sounded like Austin. You ran to window and peeking outside Right. It’s Austin. You opened the window. "Damn it, Austin. I thought you were a ghost or something creepy!" you said to him. He laughed.

"Sorry to made you scared, Alyssa. And sorry about the time," he said to you.

"What’s up anyway, Austin?" you asked him. He looked around.

"Can I climb up to there?" he asked. You gave him shocked look.

"What?!" you said almost shouting.

"Please, it’s really important," he said as he ready to climbed to your window. You couldn’t say anything because so shocked but minutes later he’s already in your room.

"Ok. Now, what is it?" you asked him, getting really curious.

"Well, at least can I sit first?" he said. You rolled your eyes at him.

"Sure. Do you need snacks too?" you said sarcastically.

"Well, snack sounds good. I hope you’re talking about pizza," he replied, calmly. You grumbled at him then walked outside your room to get the snacks. Later, you got back with snacks on your hand.

"Oh my God, why did I do what you told me to?! I’m feeling stupid now," you said when you realized you did what he wanted to. He laughed.

"I was just kidding, Alyssa. Why did you take it too seriously?" he asked you.

"I don’t know. Things getting miserable these days…" you said as you sat on your bed. He watched you from across. You glanced at him. "Alright. You already sit and get your snacks. Now, tell me your bussiness here," you said to him. He laughed.

"Be patient, please. I’ve just eat this chips. Oh, wait do you really don’t have pizza?" he said as he sipping his drink. You looked at him with angry look.

"Austin you are a BAD BOY. GET OUT FROM MY ROOM NOW!!!" you shouted at him. He laughed louder. You shut his mouth with your hand to hide his loud laughter because you didn’t want your parents to hear it and you might dead because letting a guys in your room at midnight… "Gosh, If you can’t stop laughing I will throw you outside the window," you said. He put your hands away.

"Hahaha okay, okay. Here, I just want to see your face because I can’t sleep. Maybe I just need someone to talk to while I’m insomnia…" he said as he grabbed a chips.

"Very cool, Austin. But I’ve school tomorrow so goodbye," you said as you lay on your bed and closed your eyes.

"But, I need to ask you something before I leave!" he said, shaking your back.

"Ugh, what?" you said, looked at him. He sat next to you. You got up and sat near him.

"Since Zach, Robert and Alex met you. They all seem different. They talked about you all day. I’m getting tired of it! Plus, when they all started fighting over you," he said, sniffed. You looked at him with nothing to say. He looked at you. "Yeah, only if you can tell the who you really love. Maybe they will stop doing these things. You seemed to gave them much hope that I’m afraid they can’t accept the real truth." he continued. You looked down at your toes. "So, you better tell them what you really feel," he said as he held your hand. You looked at him.

"I don’t know, Austin. It’s so complicated for me. They have their own special place in my heart," you said to him.

"How about me?" he asked. Your heart beat fast.

"I need time to think, Austin," you said as you got up and walked to the window. "You better leave when I need my own time to think about all of this," you said. He got up and came to you. He smiled.

"Well, I didn’t mean to pushing you but just want you to know that it’s not cool to playing with our feelings," he said as he ready to climbed down from window. You didn’t said anything until he reached the ground. "Good night, Alyssa. Thanks for the snacks," he said, smiling and waved at you. You smiled back and you looked at his back slowly walked away disappearing from your eyes. These days had been so rough.

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