Chapter 69

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"Out of curiosity, why did they keep Rob in the hospital?" I asked to no one in particular.

"Because they didn't want him...partaking in any strenuous activity," Danny said, wiggling his eyebrows and adding a slight smirk. Tom tried to hold back a laugh, Austin snorted, and Julian guffawed. I punched his arm.

"Danny! You're sick!" I exclaimed, mortified. He threw up his hands.

"If that's how you interpreted it," he shrugged.

"Because that's how you meant it!" I exclaimed. "You are such a perv!"

"Hey, you're the one that read between the lines. That means you have a mind like mine!" Danny said, laughing.

"Danny Amendola, you are sick," I sighed.

"Um...what am I missing here?" Rob asked, raising an eyebrow. I sighed.

"Nothing. A Danny moment. That's all."

Rob smiled, and his dimple showed, which made me smile.

"Alright, well we gotta get going, but we'll talk to you later."

I smacked Danny playfully as he walked by, and gave Tom and Austin hugs. Julian left too, and I gave him a hug.

"How are you doing?" I asked.

"Good. I can go home tomorrow, but then I'll have to be back for my surgery," Rob said.

"Which is when?" I asked. He shrugged.

"I dunno."

"Alright. Make sure you don't forget to tell me though," I said. He nodded.

"I know. It's not like the media won't know. I feel like I'm being interrogated when they ask all those questions!" Rob said in a falsetto voice. It took me a minute to realize he was mocking me.

"You're a dick!" I exclaimed. He mocked a pout.

"I'm a cripple!"

"Fine. You're a crippled dick."

That sent us both into a fit of laughter.

"Do you remember Prom?" Rob asked randomly. I nodded.

"I was wearing a black dress with a satin gold sash thing. You wore a black suit and white shirt with a gold tie, and the tie brought out the gold in your eyes. I'll always remember how handsome you looked."

Rob blushed.

"And the first song we danced to was You and Me by Lifehouse."
Rob laughed.

"I remember that night perfectly. It was my Senior Prom, and your Junior Prom."

I nodded.

Because I never went to my Senior Prom, I thought bitterly.

"I remember I cried that night. I cried and cried and cried, because that was your Senior Prom. I didn't care how many memories I had made, I knew we were just one day closer to having to say goodbye," I said. Rob laughed.

"And look at where we are now," he said with a smile.

" a hospital?" I asked.

"No. I mean as a couple."

"Oh. Well we're doing pretty well then."

Rob smiled.

"Yeah. We are. know, the hospital thing," he said. I laughed.

"Alright, I'm gonna go for a quick walk alright? Get some fresh air. Call me if you need me," I said. He nodded and I walked out the door, down the bland white halls, to the elevator, in the elevator, then downstairs and outside. There was a little garden, and I sat on one of the benches. I hummed a little bit of You and Me by Lifehouse, and laughed as I recalled Prom. I sat on the bench for about three minutes, until I got cold and went inside. I went back to the room to find Rob.

"I can go tomorrow," he said as I entered the room. I raised an eyebrow. "I can go home tomorrow."

"Ok..." I said slowly.

I picked up my phone and dialed Tom's number.

"Hello?" he answered.

"Hey Tom," I replied.

"Hey Alex. What's up?" he asked.

"Rob's going home tomorrow. I figured I'd let you know," I said.

"Alright. So I'll see you tomorrow maybe. Are you coming to practice?" he asked.

"Eh. I'm not sure. Depends on how Rob's holding up."

"Ok. Love ya Alex!"

"Love you too Tom. Bye."

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