Chapter 58

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I still hadn't spoken to Rob. The last time I even said hello was...Friday. I wasn't gonna lie, I missed him. I missed his hug and kiss and the sound of him breathing at night. I hadn't slept in two straight days. I sat anxiously on the sidelines, staring at Rob on the offensive line. He was intently focused on the game (obviously), and didn't notice me staring. I shifted my glance to the clock. Almost end of the quarter. Bill called for a timeout and everyone trotted over. He started yelling at them about stepping up and crap. I wasn't focused on what he was saying, but more focused on what I was about to do. He broke the huddle, and I went up to Rob.

"I'm not pissed at you. Don't say a word, just explain to me what happened after the game, alright? I love you and go kick some Panther ass for me."

I kissed Rob's lips quickly and ushered the team back on to the field. The clock was winding down. Tom threw a Hail Mary to Rob in the end zone. One of the Panthers jumped and caught in for the interception. Damn.


Pass interference much?! Luke Keukly wrapped himself around Rob. The ref threw the flag.

Fucking thank you.

Then the ref picked up the flag and simply said,

"No flag."

"WHAT THE HELL REF?" I yelled. There went the game. The Panthers were celebrating. Dammit. That was not fair. That was not freaking fair. I waited on the sideline for about ten minutes, letting the mass of sweaty football players shake hands. I trudged over to Bill, about to give him my clipboard and headset, when I saw someone out of the corner of my eye. At first I saw the dark uniform and thought it was a Patriot. Then I realized we were wearing white today. I immediately recognized who it was. His curly black hair was plastered onto his head. Sweat beaded his dark skin, and the arena was sent into a frenzy by his smile.

"H-Hi. I'm...uh...Cam."

It was kinda cute that he was getting all nervous and flustered. I turned around.

"Oh I know who you are," I said, crossing my arms. "Cameron Jerrell Newton. You were first overall pick by the Carolina Panthers coming from Auburn University. In your career you've thrown 56 touch downs and 37 interceptions. You've thrown for 10,099 passing yards and have 1,775 rushing yards. Today alone you ran for more than 100 yards. Oh, and I'm Alex."

Cam smiled.

"Wow, cute and smart!" he said. "I like your hair by the way, Carolina blue."

"It's a long story," I huffed.

"I'd love to hear it over dinner," Cam said, smiling.

"Cam, you seem really sweet, but I have a boyfriend," I said, shrugging.

"Is it one of those big, brutish Patriots linebackers? Because if so, please don't tell them I kinda asked you on a date. I don't wanna be squished," he said, a teasing smile hinting on his face.

"Nah," I replied. "I'm not dating a big, brutish linebacker. I'm dating the big, brutish tight end."

"So I assume you're not a Panthers fan?" he guessed. I nodded.

"You'd be assuming correctly."

"Well, Alex, here's my number. You seem pretty cool. I'll see you around."

Cam sauntered off, and left me standing with a piece of paper. I put Cam's name into my phone and saved him as a contact. Then I went back to the hotel to crash.

I woke up at about three in the morning to someone banging on my hotel room door.

"What?" I groaned. I waddled to the door sleepily and opened it to Rob's lumbering figure.

"Uh hey."

"Get your ass inside," I groaned sleepily. He came in hesitantly.


"Why are you waking me up at three in the freaking morning?" I asked, yawning.

"You told me to come over and explain after the game," he said, shrugging. I groaned.

"I guess I did." I pondered it for a moment. "No. Don't explain. Just go to bed. I want to sleep."

Rob tried to protest, but I silenced him. He laid on his usual side of the bed, and I put my head on his shoulder.

"You know this was ultimately inevitable, right?"

"What was ultimately inevitable?"

"Being all happy boyfriend-girlfriend again."

"And why is that?"

"Because I'm me and you're you."

"Goodnight Alex."


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