Chapter 22

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I quietly and gracefully got up. I fixed the blanket back over Rob, and went into the computer room. I looked out the city.

I'll be back in a few months, I promised Boston. I got one ticket to Holmes Chapel. I had never felt like a worse person until tonight. I couldn't help but think of Rob.
I'll be back soon, I promised him silently. My hands were still shaking. I took a very needed deep-breath, and smelled Rob's sweatshirt. It smelled like his cologne shampoo. I cringed a little at thought of leaving him. But I had to. For Katie. I printed up my boarding pass and went silently into the bedroom again. I looked at Rob who stirred slightly, and went into the closet. I got out my huge suitcase and packed three of Rob's sweatshirts, fifteen t-shirts, a Gronkowski jersey and a Bruschi jersey, and all of my jeans. I also brought two zip-up hoodies; a Hollister one and a Patriots one. I put my Uggs, my Converse, my Keds, and my Sperry's into my suitcase, and put in what seemed like a million pairs of socks. I stood up, and looked at my suitcase. I packed a carryon bag with my phone charger, a pair of fuzzy socks, a travel pillow, a Patriots teddy bear, and a well-folded blanket.

I stared at my suitcase guiltily. Then I felt something around my neck. It was a chain with a dog tag on it. I turned to see a shirtless Rob. Hey, I wasn't complaining.

"I know you have to go," he said softly. I nodded.

"I'll be back in approximately 72 days," I told him. "December. I don't think I'll be home for Christmas."

"Read the dog tag," Rob whispered. I picked it up and it said,

Wherever he is, that's where my heart is.

He smiled and showed me his.
It read,

Wherever she is, that's where my heart is.

"I love you, Rob," I said, smiling.

"I love you too."

"Do you remember me?" I asked.

"Name one thing, and I'll see if I remember."

"Our first kiss," I said. He shook his head.

"I remember everything after Prom," he told me. I nodded. We just needed to get him to remember everything before Prom, too.

"What time is your flight leaving?" he asked, abruptly changing the subject.

"Seven o'clock," I said.

"So you're getting in at about 8:00 tomorrow morning?"

I nodded.

"Yeah. I'm gonna set it up with Henry to bring me to their house." Then I realized Rob didn't know who Henry was. He wasn't part of my old life.

"Katie's boyfriend," I added. Rob nodded. He wrapped me in a bear hug, and his smooth chest was warm. I smiled to myself.

"We should probably get going now," he said, glancing at the click. It was four o'clock. "I'll go throw on a shirt."

He grabbed a form fitting gray Under Armour shirt.

"Might wanna throw on some pants too," I said, giggling and pointing at his boxers. He shot me a crooked grin. He threw on a pair of jeans and a New England Patriots SnapBack. I smiled and took his hand. I slung my bag over my back, and Rob grabbed my suitcase.

"Oh!" I exclaimed. I took off my sweatshirt and took off his jersey. "You might need this." I threw it on the bed and put on an American flag t-shirt over my tank, and put the sweatshirt back on. We went out the door, and I knew I wouldn't be back for a while.

We drove in silence to the airport, and we got there about a half an hour later. Rob brought my bag in for me, and I lined up for check out.
Rob put my bag down at the end of the line, and I wrapped him in a huge hug.

"I love you. Try to remember me, ok?" I said. He laughed, and I gave him a quick kiss. "I'm not kidding. Don't be lonely. Call Tom or Danny or Julian or something. Just don't do anything stupid," I added, which made him laugh even more. "I'll FaceTime you almost every night, and I'll text you every day. Make sure you call me before games, too. Alright, I've turned this into a long goodbye. So lets wrap this up. I love you, don't do anything stupid."

"I love you too, be safe, I won't do anything stupid, and try not to miss me too much."

I gave him one last kiss, and he left. I watched him leave, and he shot me a quick glance. Wow. I feel like I was in this situation like, six years ago. Oh wait, I was. I checked in, put my bag on the scale, and sent it through. I then went to a little shop and got gum. Then I went to security. I was about to be next in line when someone called,


I turned my head slightly to the right, and saw an old friend from high school. Anna.

I waved and it was my turn to go through security. I put my phone and sweatshirt and carryon in a bucket, along with my shoes. I had worn flip flops, and I was prepared. The security guard motioned for me to, and I walked through the scanner thingy. And just when I thought I was all set, it started beeping.

"Ma'am, we're going to need to do a pat down."

I groaned. What could happen?

"Oh!" I remembered. "It was my dog tag, sorry officer."

I took off my dog tag, put it in a bucket, and went into the scanner thingy again. I was cleared. I went through and retrieved my items. The security thing had taken a good forty five minutes, and I was in a perfect time frame. I sat down and was gathering my stuff when I heard,

"Hi Alex! I haven't seen you since high school!"


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