Chapter 3

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A while later, everyone left. Zack and I went into our bedroom and laid in each others arms.

"I really love you," I said, smiling.

"I really love you too," he replied, kissing my lips softly. Soon we were locked in a full-out kiss. Next thing I knew the clothes started flying and...


"That was amazing," I breathed, flopping next to Zack's gorgeous body.

"Yeah," he agreed. I kissed his cheek.

"You're the only one I could ever love," I whispered.

Liar. You're a liar, my subconscious chimed in. You said the same thing to Rob oh so many years ago. You're a liar.

"You're the only one I ever will love," he whispered, his hot breath tickling my skin.

Rob. College. Family.

Stop it! I scolded myself. Don't think about his blonde hair...his brown eyes...crooked smile.....

Then I heard the doorbell.

"I'm supposed the go out with Nate and Louis!" Zayn exclaimed. "I completely forgot! I really don't wanna go."

"Ugh...I'll take care of it. Just act sick," I sighed. I pulled on my jeans quickly and pulled my favorite purple t-shirt over my head. I opened the bedroom door and went into the kitchen, where I put a cup of water into the microwave.


"I'm coming!" I shouted. I went to the door and opened it to see Nate's girlfriend, Tess. She really was nice (just not to me).
"Hello, Alex," she said, putting emphasis on my name'.

"Hi Tess!" I said, trying to be friendly.

"Where's Zack?" she asked. I frowned.

"He's feeling a bit under the weather. I was actually just making tea for him," I explained.

"Can I see him?" she asked. I nodded and she walked into the house. I led her into our bedroom where Zack was lying under the covers.

"Hullo," he said, coughing. Terrible actor, I mentally rolled my eyes.

"Not feeling well I see," she said. "I guess you were telling the truth. Should we reschedule?"

"You don't have to spend every living minute together," I said, annoyed. "He is my boyfriend."

Tess gave me an incredulous look, opening her mouth slightly. Then she left. I followed her and shut the door. Then I went into the kitchen and got Zack's tea out. I put in the tea bag and brought it in.

"I made you something," I said, grinning.

"Why?" he asked.

"Because I love you, duh," I said, setting the tea down.

"Tess isn't that bad," Zayn insisted, reading my thoughts.

"Yes she is," I said, dismissively, sitting on the bed. "She's playing Nate and has a thing for you."

"Fine, fine. Do you want to go out, love?" Zack asked. I nodded.

"Sure. Where?"

He just smiled.

"I'll get dressed and we'll go. It'll be a surprise," he said, winking. I put on my shoes and we were out the door.
So much for being sick.

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