Chapter 35: I Really Hate You All.

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"Alex? Alex? Aleeeeeex? DAMN IT ALEX!" Someone was calling my name.

"What?" I asked, turning around. More like who.

"Alex, Rob got hurt," Tom said frantically. My eyes widened with fear.

"Really?!" I asked. "What? How? Who? Where? Ugh, you know what, just show me where!" I yelled.

Tom grabbed my hand and dragged me out of the locker room. I ran frantically on the field. Rob was holding his knee and there was a circle of players around him.

"Rob!" I screamed. I flung myself to his side. "Babe, are you ok?" I asked. Danny started laughing his ass off.

"What the hell, Danny?" I asked, glaring at him. Rob was laughing too. So was Julian. "What the hell?" I demanded.

"We're just kidding Alex," Chandler said, laughing. I stared at then incredulously.

"Ugh, you're such a dick Rob! You too Danny, Tom, Julian! I can't believe you guys!" I yelled.

"Babe, we were-"

"Shut up Rob!" I fumed, cutting him off. "You're all such assholes! I can't believe you! Finish practice! Ugh...assholes!"


All assholes. I was so angry. I sprinted through the parking lot to Bass Pro shop. I ran inside frantically, and collapsed on one of the couches, heaving.

Ok, I decided, clearly he doesn't understand how much I love him or care about him. Clearly. Clearly clearly clearly.

That gave me another idea. Me, Rob, Danny, Austin Collie, Tom, and Julian. A week long camp out. In the woods. Prank war. Oh damn this was gonna be good. My phone started ringing and I ignored it. I decided to shut my phone off, and I shoved it angrily in my back pocket. I walked around a bit, and I figured I'd go on a spree. Nothing really caught my eye in Bass Pro, so I went back to the stadium and went to Aeropostale. Nothing. I then went to Hollister, where I found a really cute hoodie. My feet got tired eventually, and I sat down on a bench. A couple minutes later, I got up and decided to go to the car. I went to the player's parking lot and sat next to the car. I turned my phone on, and saw I had a few missed calls from a few of the guys. I turned my phone on silent, put on my headphones and kind of lost track of time.


I opened my eyes slowly to see...Rob. And Julian. And Tom. And Danny.

"Assholes," I muttered quietly.

"Babe?" Rob asked, bending down. "C'mon. We were just messing around."

I glared at him silently and got up. I flipped Danny off, and he laughed.

"Babe, it's no big deal!" Rob said, putting his hand on my shoulder. I whipped around and tore my headphones off.

"No big deal?" I shrieked. "Rob, when you hurt your arm, I thought for sure you were done."

"But we weren't dating when I first hurt it."

"Shut up. Both times I mean. I thought your career was over. Then your back...I thought honestly it was all over. Then your amnesia....Rob, I don't want you to lose this. You're so happy doing it. So to you it may be a joke, and I may seem like I'm over exaggerating, but I don't want you to get hurt again," I said, shaking my head. "I just don't want you to lose this."

"Awww!" Danny, Julian, and Tom cooed. I glared at them.

"I can take you all," I threatened.

"Sure," Danny scoffed.

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