Chapter 46: Guitar Solo

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I could've been sitting on the rock for seconds, minutes, or hours. I honestly had no idea. I looked at my phone and saw about 50 texts from Rob. I looked at the sky, and it was dark. Ok, I guess I had been out here for hours. It had been about 1:00 when I came out here. I checked my phone. It was 7:00. Six hours?! I had been out here for six hours! I started my way back to the houses from memory. I came across the guys sitting around a campfire laughing and talking. I sat down next to Danny.

"Alex!" Rob exclaimed. "We'd thought you'd been kidnapped or something!"

"Ok," I snorted. I looked at the mesmerizing fire and fell into a trance almost.


Danny snapped his fingers and I snapped out of it.

"What?" I asked.

"We have nothing to do. Any ideas?"

I shook my head. Rob kinda smiled to himself.

"Alex used to sing a lot. She was amazing," he said. I looked at the ground.

"I haven't sang in years," I replied.

"Please Alex? One of your songs, if you still have your lyric book," he said.

"You write your own songs?" Tom asked curiously. I shook my head.

"I wrote my own songs," I corrected. "Besides, I don't even have a guitar."

"I think there was one in our cabin," Austin chimed in. Julian went in, and emerged with a guitar case. I sighed and opened it up. There was a beautiful six-string guitar, all polished wood and in mint condition. I strummed a little bit, and let my fingers get used to the strings. I hadn't picked up a guitar in years. I started playing around with some chords and some simple tunes.

"You guys wanna play a little game?" I asked. "I'll play a tune, and you have to guess it."

I started to strum Hotel California by the Eagles.

"Hotel California by the Eagles!" Julian said. I nodded and started on another one.

"'s that song in the MLB commercial!" Rob exclaimed. "Uh...BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!"

"Do you know who it's by?" I asked. They had blank stares on their faces. "American Authors. Alright, next!"

I started to strum another one, Forever Young by Alphaville.

"FOREVER YOUNG BY ALPHAVILLE!" Tom yelled. I nodded and laughed. I started on my next song.

I looked around their faces, all of them trying to place the song.

"No one?" I asked. They all shook their heads. "6 foot 2, Marie Miller. Next."

I started playing You're Not Alone.
"Nothing?" Nope. "Alright, Marie Miller again! You're Not Alone."

We all kinda remained silent.

"I'm...I'm uh...gonna go start the fire in our cabin," I said to Julian and Austin. I grabbed some wood and brought it into the house. It looked as if Austin and Julian had set up a wood box. I opened up the stove and put the wood in, along with several crumpled pieces of newspaper. I light it, and soon heat was radiating throughout the tiny cabin. I walked outside and sat on the log that we were using for a seat. The heat from the campfire was warm and radiating onto my skin.

"Do you want me to sing?" I asked softly, breaking the silence.

"Will you?" Julian asked. I nodded.

"Yeah. If you want," I said, melancholy.

"Are you sure Alex?" Rob asked tentatively.

"Positive," I said. I picked up the guitar.

Hey. Obviously end of flashbacks but I might do a couple more chapters like that hmmm idk. So I love y'all uh yeah.

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