Chapter 38

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I woke up with my head on Rob's bare and warm torso. I glanced at the clock, and it said 1:07. Ugh. I quietly crept into the living room. I put on the TV, and threw a blanket over my cold legs. I flipped through a few channels, and finally landed on Fuse. There was an Eminem takeover! YES! I tuned on to the channel, and started watching interview after interview and listening to song after song. Eventually, I fell asleep again. I fell asleep for another few hours, and woke up at 11:00. I got up, showered, put on my Patriots face paint, got ready, and them went back into the bedroom. I went over to the window and yanked open the blinds.

"RISE AND SHINE, SLEEPING BEAUTY!" I yelled. He jumped and got up.

"Babe, what was that for?" he groaned. I laughed.

"C'mon! This game isn't gonna win itself!"

"Ugh, you're acting like coach," he muttered. I smacked his ass as he was walking by.

"OW!" Rob groaned. "Why'd you smack my ass?"

"Because you're complaining. C'mon! Hurry up, you're wasting daylight."

"But I-"

"No butts, except for yours in the shower. Hurry!" I ushered. He raised one eyebrow quizzically, and went into the bathroom, muttering about how I was a lunatic and shaking his head.

"Absolutely crazy," Rob muttered.

"I heard that!" I yelled, walking to the kitchen to grab some food. I went in the fridge and grabbed an apple. I took about ten bites and finished it up quickly. I went into the bedroom and grabbed one of Rob's sweatshirts. It smelled sooooooo good. Rob emerged from the bathroom, with no shirt on.

"Babe, can you stay like that?" I asked nonchalantly.

"No. You'll get too distracted," Rob said, smirking slightly. I punched his arm playfully.

"No true!" I exclaimed. He gave me the, I-know-you-better-than-that-look.

"Ok...maybe a little distracted," I begrudgingly admitted. He laughed and I flicked his ear.

"What was that for?!" Rob exclaimed.


"Well that explains it," he snorted. I laughed.

"C'mon. We need to get to the field, I wanna crush Big Ben!"

"You wanna crush Big Ben?" he asked.

"Yes. And Eli Manning, but we haven't played that little twerp yet," I said cheerfully. "C'mon! We need to WIN!"

He looked at me like I had ten heads, then laughed.

"You're a lunatic today," Rob said. I nodded.

"Madness is genius, imperfection is beauty, and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring!" I sing-songed. "Quote courtesy of Marilyn Monroe."

"Ok, let's go before you bounce out of the apartment," Rob shook his head. I ran to the car, practically falling flat on my face. Rob came down to the parking lot a couple minutes later, still shaking his head. I tapped my foot and turned up the radio.

I heard the opening chords of Roar and nearly screamed.

"I USED TO BITE MY TONGUE AND HOLD MY BREATH!" I sang. Rob turned down the radio.

"Alright, why are you so energetic?" he asked, laughing.

"Ok, so this morning, I woke up at like 1:00 so I flipped on Fuse and there was an Eminem takeover. So...." I explained.

"That explains it. So why exactly do you like Eminem?" he asked.

"Uh, he's rude and uncensored, first of all. Second, he's awesome and kick ass. Third of all, he's white," I said. Rob raised an eyebrow.

"So you're saying that if he was black, you wouldn't like him?"

"No! I'm saying that's a typical stereotype that a lot of rappers are black, and I...I like Eminem because he breaks that traditional stereotype," I explained. He snorted.

We continued arguing until we got to Gillette. Rob parked the car in his designated spot, and I got out. I ran to Julian's spot, right next to Rob's spot, which was right next to Danny's spot. I stood at Danny's spot, and within ten minutes, he showed up.

"HI DANNY!" I yelled. "Are you ready to win?!"

"Uh I am, I guess," he said, shaking his head. He and Rob trotted off together, and I waited for Julian. He showed up, and I yelled:


"HI ALEX!" he yelled back. "Why are you so excited?"

"Because we're gonna WIN!" I yelled excitedly. He shook his head. I walked with him to the locker room, and we were talking about 'Prank Week'. I stood at the locker room, and waited for all the guys to leave. When I made sure the locker room was empty, I went in. I had my head down, and bumped into someone. Oh crap. I looked up to see Rob in his boxers.

"AGAIN?!" I yelled. He laughed. "Ugh, do you need help getting your pads on?" I asked.

He laughed and slipped on his game pants.

"Yep, actually I could use a little help."

He put on his Under Armour shirt, and grabbed his pads. I helped him put it over his head and adjusted it.
His eyelashes are so fucking long.
He threw his jersey on, and he tucked it in. The back hung out, and I giggled.

"What?" he asked.

"Jersey," I said, giggling and tucking it in.

"Thanks, Alex," he said.

"No prob," I said, kissing his nose. I grabbed his helmet and slapped his butt again.

"Go get 'em babe," I said.

"Again with the ass slapping!" he exclaimed. I rolled my eyes.

"Just go on, my handsome tight end."

He raised as eyebrow.


He chuckled and left me standing in the middle of the locker room. I trotted out and ran to Bill's bench.

"Hiya Bill! What are you guys gonna be working on?" I asked. He looked at me like all the other guys had. Like I was crazy. I stood next to him while the guys warmed up and the fans piled in

*4th qtr. 55-24; Patriots*
"C'MON JULIAN!" I yelled.
Julian was lining up for the punt return. The clock went off and Julian trotted off the field. Everyone followed and I saw Rob talking to Ben Rothleisburger. I went to the car an waited for him. Damn. It was like seven thirty. That meant we wouldn't be home until at least eight, and that was only if Rob hurried up. I waited for Rob for about twenty minutes, and he finally emerged from the stadium. We drove home and I screamed and yelled happily the whole time about beating 'Big Ben'. By the time we got home, Rob was absolutely out of it. He went to bed, and I stayed up planning everything for Prank Week. I texted all the guys.

To: Tommy Touchdown, Austie Boo, Minitron, and Dola: Hey guys!!! Great game, y'all represented hahaha. Don't forget about prank week, 9 sharp at the address I gave out. >:D who's feeling prank-ilicious??? Ik I am!!!! Cya tomorrow!!

They all texted me back, saying how excited they were. I drifted off with my 'Prank Week' playbook in hand, and all my team ideas ready.

I am absolutely in love with Julian Edelman okay? Okay


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