Chapter 40

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I looked at the guys.

"Alrighty then. I'm gonna go stack some firewood for the bonfires and wood stoves and stuff," I said. They nodded, and Rob suggested,

"I'll help too."

He came out, and I smiled and grabbed his hand. We walked to a huge wood pile which we had found earlier.

"Why'd you pick Austin?" Rob asked, and fake pouting to go along with it. I laughed.

"Because I love Austie Boo! Duh!"

"Austie Boo?"

"Austie Boo," I confirmed. "Now c'mon. We need to stack up this wood."

"Hey, why don't I go find a wheelbarrow?" Rob asked.

"Go for it."

He sauntered off to find a wheelbarrow, and returned with Julian in it.

The three of us started stacking wood into the huge black wheelbarrow with huge, ugly yellow tires. We filled it up, and wheeled it in between the houses. Then we dumped it out, and I started stacking it in the gap that separated them. I had three rows done all the way across when I decided to take a break. I grabbed a water, and sat down, humming. Then the two boys came back and dumped another wheelbarrow full. I kept stacking. I banged on the window of my team's house.

"I could use some help Austin!" I yelled. He and Tom and Danny came out, and helped me stack. Then Rob and Julian came around with the last wheelbarrow of wood. We had a massive pile of wood at our feet. We started stacking some more.

"Guys," I said, "I'm gonna get a drink."

I slipped back into our house and grabbed some shaving cream and scissors. I quietly crept back outside, and then into the Sexy Salamander house. I put the shaving cream in all three pillowcases and then cut a hole in the top of the pillows, so when their heads hit the pillows, the shaving cream would squirt out the top. Then I went back into our own house. I put the shaving cream away in its designated cabinet, and went outside. The guys were already done with the wood. I whistled.

"I could really go for some sleep right now."

"Yeah," Danny agreed.

"I could too," Rob and Tom both said, nodding.

"Alright. Sweet dreams then, I guess. We'll most likely be in our house if you need us."

I turned around and started walking to our house, Julian and Austin with me.

"What did you do?" Julian asked, as soon as we got in the house.

"You'll see in a minute. Just lock the doors," I replied, locking the deadbolt on the front door. Julian scrambled to the back and locked the back door.

"WHAT THE-?" I heard all three guys scream.

I started laughing, and a white faced Tom emerged at the window.

"Hide in the kitchen!" I hissed to Austin and Julian.

"Alex!" Danny screeched. I was rolling along the tiled kitchen floor, laughing so hard I was crying. I stood up with tears in my eyes and went to the window. Rob was standing with his arms folded, and I grinned.

"Oh, wow. Would you look at that? It snowed!" I exclaimed, winking at Austin and Julian.

"I can't believe it!" Austin chimed in.

"Yeah," Julian snorted. "You think we would've seen it on the radar."

"Hahaha. Very funny. Just watch you backs," Danny warned, and I stuck out my tongue.

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