Chapter 2

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Zack and I cuddled on the couch until the gang came, all walking in at about the same time.

"Hey guys!" I said, getting up and giving them all hugs.

"What're we watching?" Nate asked in his thick Irish accent. "And do you have popcorn?"

"Yes, Nate, we do. I mean c'mon. We always have popcorn. And I'm not sure what we're watching. Any ideas?" I asked around.

Henry grinned.

"How about Mama?" he asked. I shrugged; I could really care less. Everyone agreed, and soon we were on the couch, eating popcorn. I curled into Zack's chest. The movie wasn't very good, and the plot, I thought personally, was stupid. I didn't really pay attention to the movie. The next thing I knew I was drifting off in his arms.


I woke up with Nate's feet in my lap, Ellie and Louis curled up on the love seat, Henry on the floor, Luke half off the recliner, and Zack sleeping peacefully next to me, his hand still intertwined in mine. I glanced at the clock, and it said 9:00. We must've all fallen asleep because of the boring plot line.

I'll make breakfast, I decided.

I got up and started to make the bacon, eggs, and pancakes. By 9:30, breakfast was ready. I put all of it on three separate plates, and set the table for seven. I went into the bathroom, put a facecloth in ice cold water, and wrung it out. I went over to the sleeping Ellie and Louis and put it on the back his neck.

"AAH!" Louis screeched. "What're you doing?!"

"Waking you up! What's it look like?" I teased. He laughed and got up as we went into the kitchen.

"Let's wake up the others," he suggested. I nodded and laughed deviously.

"I wouldn't," Ellie said from the love seat. She got up and joined us.

"Yeah! I want to!" I whined.

"We should put some makeup on Nate," Louis suggested. I laughed.

"Ellie, you take care of that."

She nodded and went in our bathroom to get my makeup. She started.

"I'll put Luke's hand in warm water!" Louis suggested, grabbing a bowl, and filling it with hot water.

"Do the old shaving cream trick on Henry, too," I whispered. Next thing I knew, everyone except Zack was up. Nate didn't know he had makeup on, and it was hilarious.

"What're you gonna do to Zack?" Henry asked, wiping shaving cream off his face.

"I dunno...I was just gonna kiss him...tell him breakfast is ready," I shrugged.

"No!" they all exclaimed. I rolled my eyes. I went over to the couch and kissed Zack lightly on the head.

"Babe? Time for breakfast," I said softly.

"Boo!" Henry grumbled.

"Hmm?" Zack yawned. His hair was a little disheveled, and his face still sleepy.

"Breakfast is ready," I said again, smiling. He shuffled sleepily to the table. Everyone took their seats and I served them breakfast.

"This is great!" Nate said, shoving another forkful of pancakes into his mouth. That kid never stopped eating.

"Thanks," I said, taking in like, my twentieth strip of bacon. Zack looked at me thoughtfully, then he smiled.

"What?" I asked.

"You're so beautiful," he murmured.

"Awww!" everyone cooed.

"Shut up," I said, shooting a glare at them. Zack laughed. Everything was perfect.

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