Chapter 11

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Day two of my captivity: No Zack. I miss him like hell.

Day three: I hate my life.

Day four: Zack's still not in my life.

Day five: Crying seems to be all I do these days.

Day six:'s kinda awkward when the guys come.

Day seven: Kill me now. Oh wait, I already tried that.

Day eight: I bet they're making out right now.

Day nine: Katie I swear I'll kill you all if you even bring him within fifty feet of me.

Day ten: My life has turned into a living hell.

Day eleven: I. Fucking. Hate. People.

Day twelve: Oh, yay, it's Wednesday! Kingsley updates on Wednesday's!

Day thirteen: I really hate everything.

Day fourteen: Hospitals smell weird.

Day fifteen: Yay. Visitors. Just what I need, people.

Day sixteen: Finally, my last day in this hellhole.


*two weeks home*
I sat on the couch watching recordings of the X-Factor. I yelled at the TV a lot. I looked down at my phone, and Katie was calling me.

"Hey," I answered.

"Hey. I'm not gonna be home by the time your flight leaves, so I'll see you when you get back, alright?" she said.

"Flight?" I asked.

"Sam's wedding?" she said. "You know, the wedding that's tomorrow? Your favorite cousin?"


That's tomorrow. That flight leaves today! Dammit! I glanced at my clock.

"What time does my flight leave?" I asked frantically.

"9:30," she replied.

"9:30?!" I groaned. My flight left in an hour! My bags were already packed, so I grabbed them.

"Alright, I'm on my way now! I'll see you when I get back. Bye! Thank you!"

I ran on the street and jumped in a cab. The airport was only five minutes away, but I needed to be there now! Luckily, it wasn't busy and I got on my flight in no time. It took off, and I was ready. I sat in an aisle all alone. I read two of the four Twilight books and listened to music. Then the rest of the time I was trying to beat a level on Candy Crush Saga. I was just about to beat the level when my phone died. I swore and got various glances from parents. It felt like the world was telling me 'Screw you, bitch.' Yup. Basically. I thought I fell asleep, but I don't really know. After an interminable flight, we landed.

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