Chapter 55

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*few hours later*

I was about to open the door when I heard voices inside. Oh, I guess one of the guys was over. I shrugged to myself and opened up the door. I saw Rob's figure, and a female. Female? She was all over him, whoever the hell she was. A hoarse cry escaped my lips. Rob turned around and so did the girl. Bibi Jones. My heart fell.

"Oh...I must be going!" she said, and ran past me.

"Alex, it's not-"

"No. Save your breath. I...I just...look. I'm leaving. I'll be back...eventually I guess. I don't know."

My voice was barely a whisper, and tears ran down my face.

"Alex, please!" Rob pleaded.

"No!" I exclaimed.

"Alex, listen to me!" he yelled.

"No. I'll just...stay with a friend. I don't know Rob! I just don't feel like dealing with this," I said shakily. "Why did I think this relationship would end differently? Why did I think we had a future?"

"Alex, we do have a future!" Rob said shakily. I squeezed my eyes shut.

"Clearly not," I whispered.

"Yes we do!" he yelled. "Alex we do have a future!" I shook my head and stormed to our bedroom where I grabbed a t-shirt and yoga pants.

"Have fun at your game," I spat. I left the apartment, clothes in hand. I ran outside onto the sidewalk with tears running down my face. I heard Rob calling for me. I heard his footsteps. I heard him yelling. The first thing I did was hail a cab. I gave him Danny's address, and we drove off. Danny. The first person I thought of. I sat in the back of the cab crying, until we pulled up to Danny's apartment building. It had started to rain, and I got out of the cab reluctantly. I paid the driver, then I trotted up the steps, getting soaked in the process. I ran into the apartment building and looked at the directory.

Amendola, Danny. Floor 7.

I ran to where the elevators were. I got floor seven, and it came right into Danny's penthouse. I heard him lifting weights in his room.

"Danny?" I asked. Danny emerged from a room off to the side, shirtless.

Damn. No, what was I saying? He was one of my best friends!

"Alex!" he exclaimed. "Alex, what's wrong? What happened?"

"Rob...." was all I managed.

"It's ok, Alex," Danny said quietly. He opened his arms and I ran to him, burying my head in his bare chest.

"C'mon. Sit on the couch. You need to calm down," he said softly. He led me to the huge couch grabbed a blanket. He draped it around my shoulders, and I started to cry even harder.

"It's ok, Alex. Everything's gonna be alright. Do you want to stay here tonight?" Danny asked. I curled up to his shoulder and nodded, still crying. He kissed my forehead. His touch. His kiss. Everything just felt so...right.

"It's ok. Just try to go to sleep, Alex. Everything'll be ok."

Danny put his arm around me and adjusted the blanket so it was on both of us. A few minutes later, he said,

"I love you, Alex."

And now I fell asleep. I fell asleep with Danny Amendola, who was not my boyfriend. Rob Gronkowski was. But still, I fell asleep. I fell asleep with Danny Amendola, completely confused about my feelings for Danny Amendola.





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