Chapter 16

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As the shocking realization hit me like a ton of bricks, Dr. Grieg came in.

He cleared his throat.

"Ms. Stone?"

"Yes?" I replied, snapping my head up. His face looked grave. No. Oh no. No. No. No. Rob. No.

"We have some...unfortunate news."

"Yes?" I asked, tears threatening to form again.

"Mr. Gronkowski has a concussion. But, it's more serious than we thought. He remembers absolutely nothing after six years ago. We want to try something, if you would please come with me." Dr. Grieg dragged me off before I even had a chance to digest what was happening. We walked down the hallways and took a lot of turns before getting there. I walked in the room solemn faced.
Rob had two burly security guards next to him. His eyes were angry and dark. I went to hug him instinctively, but that was the wrong move. I saw his arms go up, and I thought it was to embrace me. But no. It was to wrap his hands around my neck.


I felt his cold fingers lock around my neck, but then they were gone.

"GET OFF!" Rob screamed. I opened my eyes and there stood Zack with a bloody nose.

"Who are you?" Dr. Grieg asked.

"A friend of Alex's," he replied. Liar.

"Yes. A...friend. Is there anywhere where we can talk privately?" I asked, almost angrily.

"You can go back to the room," Dr. Grieg suggested. Then Rob spoke.

"I hate you."

And the tears started to form again. I dragged Zack to the room and shut the door.

"What the hell?" I demanded.

"What?" Zack asked, almost innocently.

"First, you're supposed to be on a fucking tour but you're here with me, your ex-girlfriend. Second, you and your ex-affair-girl fucking broke up, and you didn't fucking tell me. Third, you like, stalked me, and saved me again, when I didn't need to be fucking saved. That's 'what'," I snarled lowly.

"You said fucking a lot," he observed.

"No shit, Sherlock," I snapped. Then someone cleared their throat.

"I think that you should work it out," Katie, who was silently observing our fight from the stool, suggested. I glared at her.

"Zack, give me your fucking phone," I said. He looked at me like I was crazy, but I snatched it out of his jeans' pocket quickly. I got Tess' number and put it in my phone. Then I gave his back.

"What the hell?" he questioned.

"I needed your phone," I replied.

"Just like you need that dumbfuck football player," he muttered sarcastically.

"No, needed. The only dumbfuck football player I've ever dated was you," I snapped.

"He's an asshole," he muttered.

"What the hell did you just say?" I growled. "Zack, Rob is amazing. He's great, he's a wonderful person, and yeah, he may not be the smartest, but I love him, and if you could accept that, that would be true love. But Rob is my life and you're not. So build a fucking bridge and get your sorry ass over it," I ranted angrily, my voice rising in frustration. "But above all, he's ten times the man you'll ever be."

The cutting remark made Zack's eyes narrow in anger, but I regretted nothing. His soft eyes were a hard brown, and his dark brow was furrowed angrily. My grey eyes were steely and set on his chiseled face. My mouth was twisted into a half smirk/half scowl. My teeth were clenched and so were my fists.

"This is my fucking city. Get out," I said, my voice iron. My eyes were dead set.

"You don't know the effect you have on people. You're like...just so cold and icy. You freeze people out and you make them feel like they mean nothing," he said, shaking his head.

"That's because that's about how much you mean to me," I retorted. "Nothing."

"Alex...." He shook his head slightly and looked at me, mystified.

"This is my fucking city, now get the fuck out of it."

And with that, he left. My heart was breaking second by second. Oh god.

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