Chapter 41

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The three Salamanders went back to their house. I looked at Julian and Austin and grinned.

"I have an awesome prank idea," I said. Julian sat on his bed, and Austin and I followed.


"Ok, well I got hair dye, and I'm thinking that I'll put it in their shampoos."

Julian chuckled and Austin snorted.

"That's cold, A. That's cold."

I nodded deviously.

"Isn't that what 'Prank Week' is all about?" I asked. Julian nodded.

"Alright, so I'm thinking that they're gonna all go out at one point, and we'll prank them at that point," Julian said. I nodded.

"I'm so excited for this. This is gonna be awesome," I said, chuckling. I looked at the two lovable football players. "I'm gonna go explore the woods, ok?"

They looked at each other, shrugged, and nodded.

"We'll tell Rob if he comes over."
"Thanks," I said, throwing on a sweatshirt and grabbing a pencil. I walked out the front door and into the woods. I wandered past the campfire, and listening intently, heard the babble of what seemed to be a small brook. I followed the sounds until I came upon it. There was a huge rock in the center, and I gracefully leapt onto it. I sat down and took out the little brown leather book from my back pocket. Out fell the picture of Rob and I, and the letter. I opened the book to the first page. I read over my lyrics that I had been writing since high school.

"Mom, I want to go to high school with Rob. I need him," I whine. She smiles.

"I know you love him sweetheart. I know. But what if everything goes wrong?" she asks. I roll my eyes.

"Mom, please? The family won't have to move. I'll be an assisted minor or whatever it's called," I plead.

"You mean an Emancipated Minor?" my mother asks. I nod.

"Yeah, that too."

My mother remains silent. After a couple minutes, she says,

"I just don't know."

"Please Mom! This place has a phenomenal music program. I want a full scholarship to Juilliard, and this school could help me. Please Mom," I beg.

"Fine Alex!"

"Thank you so much Mom," I say, wrapping her in a hug. "It's only an hour away, so I'll be able to visit."

"Fine, Alex. Fine." She sighs.

I check my back pocket to make sure my lyric book is there.

"I'm going into the woods. I'll have my phone on me, so call if there's a problem."

I kiss my mother on the cheek and run into the woods. I start jotting down lyrics in my book as soon as I get to my favorite spot, a huge old oak tree with the perfect crook for sitting in and relaxing.
*end of flashback*

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