Chapter 54

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I woke up mid drive because of a thought I had. I quietly adjusted to being awake, and listened to the boys talk for a minute.

"Rob, I swear, if you screw up with Alex we're all gonna kill you," Julian said.

"Believe me, I'm not gonna. I lost her once, and I'm not losing her again."

"If you hurt her....." Tom said.

"I won't. I love her too much," Rob replied.

"Alex is amazing. Don't screw that up, please. She's an awesome girl Rob," Danny said. I waited until there was a gap in the conversation.

"Guys!" I said.

Everyone-including Danny, who was driving-snapped their head my way.

"How much of that did you hear?!" Julian asked. I patted his shoulder and sat up, stretching.

"Nothing," I lied. "Guys, we can't have Prank Week anymore! We're leaving Friday morning for Charlotte, which means we need to be ready to go tomorrow! How could I be so stupid?" I scolded myself.

"So am I driving us to the houses?" Danny asked. "Too late. I'm already there."

He pulled into the driveway and I climbed frantically over Julian, scrambling into the house. I packed my bag and was all done before the others even had a chance to get inside. I threw my stuff in Rob's car, and helped the guys get packed. We were all packed, and I bid adieu to everyone.

"We'll see you Friday!" I shouted as Rob and I drove off.

I must've dozed off in my seat, because I woke up on my side of the bed on Thursday morning. I opened my eyes to Rob. I smiled. He was so damn cute in the morning! His hair was all messy and disheveled, and he looked like a little kid. I stared at him intently for a while.

I think we have a future, I thought. Maybe this relationship will end differently than all the others.
Rob's eyes fluttered opened, and I laid there smiling.

"Morning Alex," he said sleepily.

"Good morning Rob," I replied with a laugh. I got up and shuffled into the bathroom where I quickly took a shower, got out, and dried off. I emerged dressed in Uggs, jeans, a Teddy Bruschi jersey, and a Patriots SnapBack.

"I'm going out, alright?" I told Rob. "I'll be back by ten. Alrighty! I'll see you later."

I left and went to catch a cab. I gave him the address and we drove off. I paid. I hopped out and started my way to my favorite spot I'm the park. I came to the huge old oak tree and climbed its high branches. I put in my headphones and started writing down lyrics.
I decided to text Luke.

To: Luuuuuuuke
Hiiiiiiiii :) I miss you guys!!!

From: Luuuuuuuke
Hi Alexxxxxx!!! We miss u too! Alright, we're in the stadium and are getting ready to produce, but I'll text you when we're done.

To: Luuuuuuke
Kk! Make sure u text me when you're in Mass. or New England or around there k?

I continued listening to my music. By the time my music was over, it was about 11:45. I hopped down from the tree and decided to walk around Boston. I went to a few small shops. I was entering one when someone said,

"Alex? Alex, oh my gosh!"

I turned around to see my Aunt Jessie.

"Jessie!" I exclaimed. I ran up to her and gave her a huge hug.

"Hi Alex, how've you been?" she asked. I smiled.

"I've been good. What about you? How's Nathan?" I asked. Aunt Jessie was my mom's best friend, and she was pretty awesome. Ashley was her daughter, whom I had been pretty good friends with until she had died in a car accident. It occurred to me that a lot of people I knew died in car accidents. Nathan was Aunt Jessie's grandson. Some jerk had knocked up Ashley at a party, and left her to take care of the kid. She gave birth at age seventeen and died the week after Nathan was born. Jessie's face fell.

"Nathan has leukemia," she said softly. My heart absolute broke.

"I'm so sorry. Is there anything I could do?" I asked. Jessie stifled a laugh.

"Unless you could somehow get the New England Patriots to come and see him, not really. He's a huge fan," Jessie said, laughing. I grinned.

"Actually, I'm kinda dating someone that has connections, and I could get maybe Tom Brady, Danny Amendola, Julian Edelman, and Rob Gronkowski to come. Who's his favorite?" I asked. Her eyes widened.

"Those four!" she exclaimed. "His favorite favorite is Tom Brady though. Could you do that?"

"Yeah!" I exclaimed. "Tom's a wonderful guy. He'd love to come."

"Who are you dating that could pull that much weight? Bill Belichick's son?" she joked. I shook my head.

"I may or may not be dating Rob Gronkowski," I said with a slight smile.

"No way!" she said, and her eyes widened. I nodded and smiled.

"Didn't you date some football player named Rob in high school?" she asked. I nodded.

"The very same," I replied. She smiled gratefully at me.

"Thank you so much, Alex," she said. I smiled.

"Here's my number," I said, and I gave her my number. "If you need anything, and I mean it, call. I'll come over on Tuesday with Rob and the guys."

Jessie hugged me gratefully.
"Bye Alex," she said.

"Goodbye Jessie."

I milled around shops, and basically drove around Boston for hours and hours at a time. I got a coffee, and basically just hung around my city.

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