Chapter 5

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***final game of the season***

"WE WON!" Luke yelled. I was sitting on a sofa in the clubhouse when Tess walked in.


Ugh, stiletto's are so annoying! I just ignored her and kept watching.

"They're honestly the best fans on the planet," Louis said, smiling.

"Yeah," Zack nodded. The team all trotted into the clubhouse, sweaty and excited. Zack came and gave me a hug.

"Dressing room," he murmured in my ear.

"Henry, where's the bathroom?" I asked.

"This way," he winked. We went in the back.

"Where's Zack's dressing room?" I whispered. "I always confuse it with Luke's."

"Follow me," he replied, leading me in the right direction. I went into Zack's dressing room and waited for him. About ten minutes later, he came in.

"Hi babe," he said, kissing me.

"You did great. Man...Luke and Nate are turning twenty...not to mention new contracts...this is all so perfect!" I exclaimed. "My cousin Sam is getting married back in the states too...oh gosh, this is perfect!"

"It is," he agreed. "It is."

"So, darling, I have someone I want you guys to meet. Are you willing to meet this mystery guest?" I asked. He shrugged and smiled all cutely. We went back where everyone else was when I hollered,


Scurrying in came my best friend, Katie.

"Alex!" she squealed, hugging me tightly.

"Hey!" I exclaimed. "So, how would you like to meet the boys?"

She nodded enthusiastically.

"I'm Louis," Lou said, sticking out his hand. She shook it.

"Nate," Nate said. They shook hands.

"Luke," Luke said. They shook hands.

"Hi, I'm Henry," Haz said. They looked into each others eyes for a moment.

"K-Katie," she stammered.

"Guys, lets give them their moment," I joked. Katie shot me a death glare. Typical.

"Hey, Katie. So anyway," Zack said, "you guys wanna get going to the bus?"

The lads all agreed.

"Well...I gotta go Katie, but I'll text you," I told her, giving her a hug. Henry said goodbye and slipped her a piece of paper. I grinned. We all walked to the bus and tried not to get mobbed. I hid my face, so no one saw me. It was successful. When we got to the bus, we were all laughing and fooling around. I changed first, and the guys followed. Then we decided to chat for a while.

"So, what was your favorite part of the whole season?" I asked.

"Erm...I liked the...everything," Nate admitted. I laughed.

"I enjoyed the fans," Henry said. I definitely agreed with him.

"I'm with Henry. I also like our chances at winning it all, baby!" Luke shouted. The boys whooped and hollered. It reminded me of an American football....I cast the thought from my mind.

"What about you, Louis, Zack?" I asked.

"I dunno...maybe seeing all the fans. I haven't really thought about it," Lou said, shrugging.

"My favorite part was that you were here," Zack said gently. All the boys made a face, and I blushed.

"Uh, anyway," I said, changing the subject, "Henry, did you give my best friend your number?"

I wiggled my eyebrows, and Henry chucked a pillow in mine and Zack's direction.

"Yeah, he did!" Nate exclaimed.

"Maybe it's the way she walked..." Zack sang jokingly.

"Idiots. Well lads, I'm turning in. I'll see you in the morning guys," I said, blowing them all kisses.

"G'night, Alex," they all chorused.

"I'm going to turn in too," Luke said. Next thing I knew all of us were in our seats, stretched out.

"Goodnight Zack," I whispered, curling up to his bare chest.

"'Night Alex. I love you," he replied.

"I love you too," I said, smiling.

"ENOUGH WITH ALL THE MUSHY STUFF!" Nate shouted. I laughed. Then I found myself falling into a deep sleep.

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