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Chapter 17

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As soon as Zack left, I took out my phone and called Tess. What was I getting myself into?

"Hello?" she asked when the line went through.

"Hi Tess. It's Alex," I started carefully.

"Alex who?" Her voice was puzzled.

"Stone. Zack's...erm...ex," I said, trying to find the right words.


"Yeah. So, I know this is awkward, but where are you?" I asked.

"Um, we're in Boston doing a charity match for the Boston Marathon bombings. Why?" Tess sounded very confused. Ah, that explained why Zack and Katie were in Boston.

"Well...I kinda need to talk to you. I'm also in Boston, and I really need to talk to you," I pleaded.

"Ok, where would you like to meet?" she questioned.

"Um...how about the Bean Café on the corner of Appleton and Plainsfield? That's a nice place. Er...I'm at the Faulkner Hospital...what park are you at?" I asked her, just to gauge when we would meet.

"I'm at the Memorial Square Park, actually near the hospital I believe," she said.

"Ok...I'll meet you there in a couple of minutes." And I hung up.

"Going out?" Katie asked. I nodded.

"Keep me posted," I said. She nodded, and I was out the door. I walked down the sidewalk, the brisk Boston air filling my nostrils. All the foliage, the beautiful weather. It was just so perfect. Then I heard someone calling,

"Ma'am! Ma'am!"

I turned around to see a news reporter. Greaaaat.

"Uh, hello!" I said, uncertain of what was happening.

"You're Alex Stone, correct? Rob Gronkowski's girlfriend?" the reporter asked.

I nodded.

"Yes. I am," I said, mustering up a smile.

"What do you think of what happened?"

I felt like I was being interrogated.
"No comment," I said warily, turning around to be on my way. I know that was what Bill would want me to say.

"So, will Rob make a recovery?" the reporter asked.

"No comment," I stated again, my voice rising.

"Are you having relationship issues, Ms. Stone, because of the pictures that surfaced of Rob with porn star, Bibi Jones? Or is it the partying?"
That put me over the fucking edge. I can tease my boyfriend as much as I want, but you insult him and you may not live to see tomorrow. Just kidding. You will not live to see tomorrow.

"Look," I seethed. "I trust Rob 100%, and I love him. It's my business, not yours. If you want information, talk to Bill. Why are interrogating me, don't you have anyone else's personal life to pry into?" I demanded. The reporter fell silent.

"That's all you do," I said, shaking my head. "You put people in bad positions. You just made Rob seem like a huge asshole, and me seem like a huge bitch for defending someone I love. Now I'll say this one more time, if you want to talk to someone, don't talk to me."

And I walked away. I kept walking down the sidewalk until I got to the Bean Café. I opened the door and saw Tess, sitting in the corner, alone. I swear this was a movie cliché. I walked over silently.

"Hello," I said.

"Nice meltdown on the Telly," she mused, pointing towards the television, where I was seen talking to the reporter. I laughed.

"So what'd you need to ask me?" she questioned.

"Why did you and Zack break up? Everything, I want everything. And when did you start dating, etc." I told her.

"Wow...erm, that's a hard one. Let us see. We started dating because he told me...well, he needed something new. He didn't want to hurt you, and it went on like that. Then before the London Charity Event, he told me he had broken up with you. We went on, like that, and then he tweeted that picture of you. So it gave me the perfect escape," she informed me vaguely. I furrowed my eyebrows.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Zack's honestly a wonderful guy, but I just didn't feel that way towards him. I'm actually in love with Louis, but I was afraid it'd break Zack's heart. And not to mention Ellie and Louis are together. So when he told me we could go public...I didn't know what to say. So I said yes. But I had to look for a way out, because I just couldn't do that to him. So once he tweeted that picture, everyone got mad. He didn't do it intentionally, but it just kinda worked that way," Tess said. Wow.

"Tess, I'm sorry that I've been a bit of a bitch," I said sincerely.

She laughed.

"I'm sorry as well. I didn't know you, but I thought you might use Zack for fame or his money. That's why I didn't like you," she admitted. I nodded. It was a valid assumption.

We continued talking for hours. I genuinely liked Tess. She was nice, sweet, and I saw why Zack liked her. I looked out the window of the Café, and it was dark.

"Well I best be going," I said. "Gotta go check on the boy-Rob."

My voice faltered. She smiled and got up as well.

"Goodbye. It was a lovely chat," she said, giving me a hug. I nodded and we both started on our ways. I walked down the sidewalk, my senses alert. You never know, especially at night. I walked quickly to the hospital. I checked to make sure my keycard was still in my pocket. It was there. I walked into the hospital, and saw various patients. Some throwing up, some in wheelchairs. I hated the hospital. I got in the elevator alone and inserted my keycard into the slot that said level C. The ride was short, and I was lost in thought.

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