Chapter 73

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I slowly opened my eyes.

"Hey beautiful," Rob said softly. His eyes were warm and fervent. I smiled.

"Hi," I replied with a yawn, sitting up. "Rob, why are you up?"

"Because I wanted to see you. Calm down Alex, I'm on my crutches," he said, rolling his eyes. I smiled again, and put my head on his shoulder. He wrapped an arm around me. I looked into his eyes and leaned in for a kiss. I closed my eyes as I pecked his lips softly. As I went back, his strong hands cupped my face. I put my arms around his neck as our lips connected again. I ran my fingers through his hair and our lips moved in sync. I smiled as the kiss faded. He laid back on the bed, and I put my head on his shoulder.

"I talked to Dr. Andrews while you were sleeping," he told me. "I'm gonna have my surgery in at least two weeks-probably after the New Year-once the swelling's gone down. He said I should be back for the beginning of the 2014 season."

"That's good," I said, kissing his cheek. I then laughed.

"What?" he asked.

"It's just...a thought occurred to me. You're still camera shy, aren't you?" I asked.

"No!" Rob exclaimed, his voice an octave higher than usual. I laughed.

"That explains why everyone thinks you're dumb. You freeze up in front of the camera, and blurt out whatever you're thinking."

"No!" he exclaimed again, his voice back to its usual deepness.

"Rob, you can't lie to me, no matter how hard you try," I pointed out. He sighed.

"A little bit. Maybe. But not too much," he shrugged, trying to be nonchalant.

"Rob, I know you're lying. You're absolutely terrified of the camera. You always have been. That never occurred to me," I said, shrugging slightly. He nodded shamefully.

"Yeah. I'm still camera shy I guess."

I giggled.

"Don't make fun of me!"

"I'm not making fun," I said with a soft smile. "I think it's cute. You're a six and a half foot tall professional tight end, and you're not afraid of anything...except cameras. Cameras."

"I'm also afraid of losing you," he said softly, his voice deep and resonant.

"That's what I'm afraid of too."

We remained silent for a good two minutes.

"How long have you had the tattoos?"

"I got the Roman numerals I got as soon as went to England. I was in the airport and once I got out...I went and did the first thing that came to mind. Got a tattoo."

"What about the others?"

"A little bit later. The second one was my birds, then my Peter Pan quote, then my infinity sign, then my broken heart."

"Oh. Have you thought of having any more done?" Rob asked. I shrugged.

"Probably will."

"Oh. Alright."

I sat up and wiped the tears from my eyes. I smiled tentatively at Rob, and helped him up. He got his crutches, going into the other room. I threw on a SnapBack before joining him. He laughed.

"What?" I asked.

"I dunno. You're just so badass with those tattoos and that SnapBack, I feel like I don't even know you anymore," he shrugged.

"Who are you kidding?" I asked, with an edge to my voice. "You know me better than I know myself."

"True," he laughed with a nod. I looked at the ground and studied it in detail.

"I...I'm gonna go out. Alright? See the guys at practice."

Lie number one.

"Ok," he said with a shrug. I kissed his cheek.

"Bye babe," I said with a sigh, leaving the apartment. My phone buzzed right as I was getting in my car.

From: Katieeee :)
Heard about Rob. Wish him our best, we're thinking about him.
xx Katie Grace

To: Katieeee :)
Thanks xx I'll tell him. He found out about my tattoos today lol. I love ya babe and hopefully I'll see you soon

I started to drive and called Danny. No answer. Might still be at practice.
My phone buzzed a little bit later.

"Hello?" I answered.

"Hey A," Danny replied. "You rang?"

"Uh yeah. When are you going to Miami?" I asked.

"Uh...tomorrow because the game's Sunday. Why?"

"I think I'm gonna go," I shrugged. "Alright. Bye Danny. Love ya."

"Love you too."

I kept driving. I took a turn let and went to the city.

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