Chapter 26

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Rob wouldn't be too mad, would he? I asked myself. No. He would be.

I kept wondering if I should tell him, but the nagging thought of distracting him before a game kept me from it. At least for now. I had noticed a glass of water and dumplings on my bedside table, but I was just too upset for food. I drank the water, but didn't eat. I looked outside my window. The rain was still beating down, and it was soothing.

I looked down at my phone and saw I had a text from Rob.

*Game's about to start. Love you*

Love you too, I thought. But I couldn't bring myself to answer him. I decided to go for a walk into town. I really didn't want to face any of them, so I figured I'd go out the window. I threw on a pair of jeans and kept my sweatshirt on. I missed home. I opened the window, and there was no screen, so I just slipped out. The rain kept beating down, and I just wrapped my sweatshirt tighter around me.

I walked for about a quarter of a mile until I was completely drenched. I heard the beep of a familiar Range Rover, and saw it pull up on the side of the road.

"Hop in!" an unmistakeable Irish accent called. I hopped in without question that it was Nate.

"Hi Nate," I said, opening the door and getting into the back. Luke was sitting there, and I saw Lou in the front.

"What are you guys doing here?" I asked quizzically.

"Henry needs us," Louis said, shrugging. "He's always there for us."

I gave Luke a hug.

"Well I'm glad you're here."

"Where're you headed?" Nate asked. I shrugged.

"Into town, I guess," I said indifferently.

The car pulled around, and we headed into the direction of town. Within a couple of minutes, we had reached town. Nate brought his Liverpool hat down over his hair, and put on a pair of aviators. Louis threw on a hat as well, and so did Luke. We walked into a little corner Café and sat down. The guys ordered food, but I still wasn't hungry. My teeth started chattering.

"So...what've you been up to?" Nate asked. I shrugged.

"N-Nothing much," I chattered.

"You're dating someone, right?" Luke questioned. I nodded.

"M-My high school sweetheart," I said simply. "Are you still with Sophia?"

"Yeah," he nodded.

"And are you and Ellie?"

"Yeah," Louis replied. "So, why didn't you take Zack back? I thought you really needed him."

"I did. But when I went back to America and realized that my life was there. Not here. I also realized how stupid coming here truly was. Not that I'm not happy I met you, because I am," I added. Luke looked intently at me.

"There's more. Something happened, in America, and you wish you could reverse it. Or you at least needed to escape from it or something. I can see it in your eyes."

"No!" I said, my face getting flushed.

"Then why are you turning red?"

"Yeah," I replied quietly. "My boyfriend is an American Football player. He...uh, took a blow to the head his first game off the injury list and suffered amnesia. He didn't remember who I was for a few days, and his memory of everything before our Prom is still a little fuzzy. He um....I...yeah."

"It's ok Alex!" Nate exclaimed. Suddenly I became very interested with the vines carved into the mahogany windowsills.

"Yeah," I whispered. Suddenly I felt slightly dizzy. The floor was spinning. I looked at Louis. I could've sworn there was only one of him?

"Guys, I'm not feeling too well," I murmured. And then I blacked out.


"Alex?" I opened one eye to see Henry. I recognized the ceiling, and I immediately knew I was in the spare.

"H-H-H-Henry what happened?" I asked, my teeth chattering.

"Well, we were eating and you blacked out," Nate said simply. I went to wrap my sweatshirt around myself, but it wasn't there.

"W-W-Where's my sweatshirt?" I demanded.

"Calm down. It's just in the dryer," Nate said.

"Go in my suitcase and grab a hoodie please," I begged, my teeth still chattering. Henry grabbed a Patriots sweatshirt that was Rob's. He threw it over on the bed and I put it on. It smelled like Rob and I instantly calmed down.

"Harry, will you put on CBS?" I asked. He flipped it on, and there sat Rob and Mr. and Mrs. Gronkowski, and his brothers. I let out a little whimper.

"That's Rob," I said quietly. "My...."

Boyfriend didn't even begin to explain it. He was my other half, my missing puzzle piece, my best friend.

"My boyfriend," I said.

"That's your boyfriend?" Luke asked.

"Yeah. Rob Gronkowski. He's a professional tight-end for the New England Patriots," I said, smiling slightly.

"Good. Now eat. You haven't eaten at all," Henry said. I shook my head. My stomach churned.

"Wait guys! Shush!"

"Rob, what do you think of Aaron Hernandez' incarceration?" the interviewer asked. Damn that was the wrong question to ask. His huge frame went rigid and his eyes turned darker.

"Next question," Rob said, shaking his head angrily. He looked at the camera, as to say 'I need you here, Alex,'.

"Mr. Gronkowski, what do you think of the incarceration?"

"I believe," Mr. G. said in liquid tone, "Rob asked for the next question."

"Dan, Chris?"

The brothers remained silent.

"Henry, shut it off," I whimpered. I missed Rob like hell, but I couldn't bring myself to text him because I felt like a douche bag. Oh wait, I was a douche bag.

"Erm...ok," Henry said awkwardly, "we're gonna let you be now."

The boys left and I fell asleep once again.

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