Chapter 42

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*flashback I*
From: Emmy-Lou :)
We'll be there in about a half an hour :))))))))))

To: Emmy-Lou :)
YAAAAY! I miss u and I can't wait to see pics from ur field trip :P

I didn't get a reply. Weird. I continued working on my homework in English. We had to write a three page essay about a major event in our life. English bored me to death. I looked outside. It was pouring rain, and the lightning cracked across the sky. I heard the thunder roll, and I yawned. I was not in the mood to do Language. I picked the books off my coffee table and thrust them beside me on the couch. I flicked on the TV. Reruns of Reba were on. I got out my lyric book and started writing down lyrics as I watched the show. I listened to some music and thought about my future. I then looked at the wad of cash sitting on my coffee table. I had earned it playing on the streets. It was more than $2,000 that I had been saving up for my "rainy day" fund. My dream was to save enough to go to England. I sighed and looked outside again. Oh how I missed Rob. Damn Arizona. He was probably going to make it into the NFL anyway, and forget about me. Eh. We could still have a long-distance relationship, right? That's what we were doing now. At least this was my last year at Woodland Hills High School. Then I was hopefully going to Juilliard. My audition was in one month. But even if I made it into Juilliard? New York is even farther away from Arizona than Pennsylvania! I missed Rob so much.

You know, I could go for some ice cream, I thought.

I got up and went into the freezer. I grabbed the chocolate ice cream and started to eat it. It was my favorite.

I sat down on the couch again, and looked out my window. The planes flying off from our airport. The cars stuck in traffic. The people walking down the sidewalk in the pouring rain.

Suddenly, a chill ran over my body. I grabbed a fuzzy blanket and put on a sweatshirt. I looked at my wad of cash again.

I wonder if I'll ever get to London, I thought. I laughed out loud. Probably not.

Then my phone started to ring.

Hey y'all. The next couple chapter are gonna be flashbacks soooooo yeah. How are ya ddoing? good? good. Ps do any of you watch X factor? I love Josh Levi and Carlito Oliveras and Rion Paige and Khaya Cohen and Restless Road and Sweet Suspense and Alex & Sierra that's where I came up with the name for Alex in the story. So peace out my Nutella Jars. Arrievaderchie !! (or however it's spelled idk)

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