"Hey, babe, what's up?" Louis asked as you picked up your phone.

"Hey, Lou, nothing really, just sitting in my flat. Anything going on with you?" You asked him as you plopped on the couch in your flat.

“Not really, no, the lads are over, and we are wondering if you can come hang out with us?" He asked with heavy enthusiasm in his voice.

"Uh...Lou, I don't know. There's my whole crush thing with Liam, and if I want to get over him I'm pretty sure the best way to do that is to not be around him for a while." You explained.

You were just friends with all of the One Direction lads, and you weren’t really dating any of them or planning on it, but recently you developed a sort of crush persona on Liam, and you figured the best way to get over him is to stay away from him for a while, and the only person that knew about it was Louis.

“Oh come on, Talah, it’s just a harmless hangout between friends.” He persuaded you.

“I don’t think so, Lou, maybe another time?” You offered.

“Talah, don’t make me play bad cop here.” He threatened.

“You wouldn’t…” You tested him.

“Oh, but that’s the thing, babe…I would, oh Liam!” Louis cooed.

“Yeah mate?” You heard Liam in the back.

“Louis stop! I’m going to kill you!” You yelled through the phone, as you jumped up off the couch.

“Talah says she doesn’t want to come over, can you please be a good little boy and talk to her for me?” Louis asked his band mate.

“Uhh sure?” Liam said sounding more like a question. “Hey, Talah, why don’t you want to come over?” You heard Liam say through the phone.

“Shit…” You cussed under your breath. “Oh uh, hey Liam, I don’t know, I guess I’m just not feeling too well.” You tried making up an excuse.

“Oh well that’s no problem, we can come over, and take care of you?” Liam offered.

“No!” You said a little too quickly. “Uhm, no. I mean no, you know what, I feel better, and I’ll be over in a little bit.” You told him sighing in defeat.

“Great, see you soon, babe.” Liam said as he hung up.

One you hung up the phone, you let out a deep breath. Dammit, Louis! You ran a hand through your dark brown hair, as you walked to your bathroom, and started to get ready.

You brushed your teeth and hair as you washed, and dried your face as you walked to your closet to pick out an outfit.

You decided on dark blue shorts with a mid-sleeved vila short top. You added a light brown ankle boots that had studs on them and a long bird necklace to the outfit. You left your long, dark brown wavy hair down, and put mascara and eyeliner around your brown eyes.

Once you were done, you grabbed your phone, and your car keys, and headed out, making sure to lock the door of your flat behind you.

You hoped in your car, and turned on the radio as you drove to Louis house singing along to Blurred Lines.

Once you arrived at Lou’s house, you pulled the keys out of the ignition, locked your car, and made your way to the door, and just walked in.

“LADS, I’M HERE!” You called out for the boys.

At first, you heard no sound, but then you heard what sounded like a stamped of cows come down the stairs.

“Talah, you made it!” Zayn greeted you with a hug.

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