"Okay," Mrs. Evans, your Social Studies teacher, started speaking. "as you all know, we have our big trip coming up, and these kinds of things don't plan themselves, so, let's get to it." She turns around, grabs a dry erase marker and turns back to your classmates.  "First things first, any suggestions as to where we should go?"

"Miami!" Someone shouts.

"If you can just raise your hand next time, Niall, that'd be great." She stops for a moment as the boy who shouted, Niall, puts his hand up. "Yes, Niall?"

"How about Miami?" A variety of "yes"'s and "let's do it"'s echoed throughout the class room before Mrs. Evans raised her hand to silence you.

"While Miami would be nice, we need to choose an education destination. Somewhere we can learn about it's history and important discoveries and the contributes it gave us to nature and society," She says, sending a chorus of groans throughout the class room.


Fifteen minutes into the fifty minute class period, your class has chosen seven different "educational destinations":

1) Washington D.C: The President's monuments

2) New York: The Metropolitan Museum of Art

3) Chicago: The Museum of Science and Industry

4) Hawaii: Pearl Habor

5) Massachusetts: Boston Massacre sight

6) Pennsylvania: City Hall where The Declaration Of Independence was signed

7) California: Sutter's Mill

While most of them sounded fun, Mrs. Evans was sure to put a stop to that assuring us that if you were to vote for Sutter's Mill or Pearl Harbor, you wouldn't actually get to go swimming or boating.

In the end, this sounded like a complete bore. That was until Harry, a boy in your class that you barely payed any attention to, became your savior.

"Mrs. Evans," He spoke. "if I may..." He started, acting unusually polite.

"Yes, Harold?" She furrowed her eyebrows.

"I would like to suggest Vegas," said Harry.


"Now before you object, hear me out," He says and pauses, waiting for her answer.

"Well? Go on then," She tells him.

"When one hears the words "Las Vegas", most people already in-vision gambling, the air reeking with booze, strippers, drunks impulsively getting married, but, in the end, it's way more," He speaks, grabbing all of our attention. "Sin City was actually the birthplace of most of the entertainment we have today, like movies. Also, we can learn about the Utah war or how it went from being railroads to a part of Lincoln's county and advanced to Clark's country," He informed us, baffling us all.

"Mr. Styles, I really-"

"I'm not finished yet," He says, cutting our teacher off again. "we can learn about how the Hoover Dam was finished in Vegas, or how people are still studying the Manhattan Project. And, don't even get me started on the number of museums we could visit." He smiled and started counting on his fingers as he continued. "Hoover Dam Museum, Guinness World of Records Museum, Las Vegas Art Museum, Las Vegas Museum of Natural History, Liberace Museum & Foundation, Lost City Museum of Archaeology, Clark County Heritage Museum, shall I go on?" He stopped.

After a few moments of silence, Mrs. Evans spoke, clearing her throat. "Well thank you, Harold, on that lesson on the History of Vegas, but I'm afraid the decision comes down to your classmates, not me. So, all in favor of going to Las Vegas, raise your hand," She says.

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