=Avenia's POV=

"Avenia! Did you put the order in for the cake?" my bestfriend Julia asked me. It was her older brother's birthday and she was throwing a surprise birthday party for him, which was starting in two hours, and asked me to put the order in for the cake.

"Uhhh." I said knowing I had forgotten. "I'm going right now." I said hopping off of the couch grabbing my phone and car keys and getting into my car before she could respond. I've been going to the bakers for a while now. Well, ever since I've moved to London, I would go there once a week to just help out. Like volenteering. So, I was friends with the owners so I knew they would be able to get me a cake in such a short notice.

I hummed to the radio as I drove my car down the road. The bakery wasn't far. Maybe 5 minutes so before I knew it I was there.

I turned off my car and basically ran inside. "Lisa! I have an emergency!" I shouted opening the door to the bakery. Thank God there weren't any customers to hear that. Well, there was one. Lisa was talking to this curly haired teenage boy before I inturuppted.

"Avenia! Good to see you, as always. What's your emergency?" Lisa, the manager of the bakery, said as she turned her attention towards me.

"Oh well I'm really sorry to inturuppt you since you were with a costomer, but Julia's brother's birthday is in 2 hours and I forgot to put in the order fot the cake and-" I said in one big breathe nervous to see if she would he able to make the cake or not.

"Darling, of coarse I'll make the cake for you." She said cutting me off and putting her apron back on as I let out a sigh of releif. "OH!" Lisa started "I would like you to meet Harry. Harry used to work her and, well, he just recently came back to London and decided to come here for old times sake." Lisa said smiling.

"Nice to meet you Harry. I'm Avenia." I told him. "But I'm confused? Why would you quit then come back?" I asked him jokingly.

He smiled showing off his dimples before saying. "Well I actually HAD to quit." Harry says. "I went out and auditioned for the X Factor and I kinda became famous." He told me.

I started laughed at a little. He was kidding, right? He was just starring at me confused. Wait, was he serious? "Wait? You weren't kidding?" I said looking at him.

"Nope. I'm in a band. One Direction. But I guess you wouldn't know." he told me kiddingly.

"Guess not."I told him smiling. "Sorry." I said embarresed.

"No its fine, love." He said back chuckling. "Its not that often a girl doesn't know who we are." He said "So..um..while your waiting for your cake to be done, would you like to have a coffee with me?" he asked me nervousley.

"I'd love to." I told him as we made our way out of the bakery.

"I think there's a Starbucks over there." I told him motioning down the street.

"Alright. Let's go." He said looking at me.


We made our way into the Starbucks and ordered our drinks before sitting down at a table. I looked up at him to see him starring at me.

"What?" I asked him worried.

"Oh sorry." He said snapping out of it before looking into my eyes. "You jusy have- really nice eyes." He said smiling making me blush.

"Thank you." I said back. "Your not too bad your self." I told him kidding.

"Why thank you." he said brushing off his shoulders.

I laughed as we talked about everything that came into our heads. We talked about how he became famous and I told him about how I moved to London. I occasionaly caught him stealing a glance at me when I looked away. I pretended I didn't notice but it was adorable.

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