Hey lovelies,

So, more and more of you are reading my imagines by the day and it's honestly amazing and so humbling.

I never knew my writing was every worthy of so much love so I'd just like to say thank you to you guys for being so amazing and sticking with me through my slow updates and my long ass imagines.

I know they're super long but I feel like they're better that way? It's a little more realistic (some more than others, I'll admit it) You kinda get to know the characters and start emphasizing with them. I like it but it doesn't matter what I think because the power is with you guys! So if you would rather have me make them shorter, let me know!

Also, I love that you guys are criticizing my work. Critical criticism is always welcome because honestly guys, it improves my writing so much. But of course, hate is going to be ignored. So if you "must" hate, go ahead but it's going to be ignored.

I know many of you want a cheating imagine where she doesn't forgive him and I love that idea so I may write a new one or I may just go back and change one of my old crappy ones. :)

Again, thank you guys so much.

Keep doing your thing!


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