"Can you believe it. Oh, my God, this is going to be the best trip ever!" I squeal to my best friend.

"I know, I finished packing two days after I found out we were going!" She says excitedly back to me.

Tomorrow we were going to go to London! Yes London, England...for a whole year! We are so excited since we have been wanting to visit London ever since we were young, and even more when we found out that that's where the One Direction boys came from.

Although my favorite out of the boys was Niall, I still love how most of them are British.

"Who knows, maybe we'll see One Direction there," She throws a wink at me as she helps me finish packing. 

I start laughing before respodning to her. "Yeah, then I'll dance for the Queen," I say sarcastically.

"Hey, don't mock me! Can you imagine if we actually met them?" She says pretending she was day dreaming.

"I guess I'd be nice...but this is reality. Now let's just finish packing and start planning what we're going to do when we get there," I say getting excited all over again.

"Okay, let's do it," She says folding up the last of the clothes and zipping the suitcase with a huff.

Me and M/B/F/N (A/N: best friend not boyfriend) have lived together since we both graduated together a couple months ago and we were still eighteen.

So after the car was loaded, we gathered all of our electronics and cleaned the apartment a little. The only thing that was left to do today was make an outfit out of all of the little clothes we havn't packed. We layed out our outfits and looked at the time. We still had just enough time to plan our trip.

We pulled out a map of England on my phone, and a calender on Y/B/F/N and a piece of paper and started scribbling down places you wanted to visit.

"Okay so obviously the London eye." You started.

"And the Big Ben," Y/B/F/N said as you wrote both down on the paper.

"The London Bridge." You said again, and it went on like that until you had your whole triped planned.

When that was done, it was around 8:40 p.m., we were exhausted and we had to get up early tomorrow, so we decided to go to sleep.

"Well, my friend, its our last night sleeping in America for a while." Y/B/F/N said overdramatically.

"I know, the horror!" You played along.

"Shut up, come on, let's go to sleep." She said hitting you on the arm before you went to your beds to fall asleep.


"Y/N wake up!" I heard someone scream while jumping on me.

I groaned and turned in the bed.

"Wake up, stupid! We're going to England today!" I now recongnized the voice, and came into reallity as I jumped up from the bed, knocking Y/B/F/N to the ground.

"Thanks." She laughed as she got up from the floor.

"Sorry?" I said uneasy.

"Well aside from nearly getting a concusion, are you ready for the best day ever!?!" She squeled.

"Let's do it!" I exclaimed.

We put on the clothes we chose from last night and put the clothes we were wearing in a hamper which was empty except for the clothes we put in it. We put everything else we needed into the car and we locked the house and we were off to the airport.

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