"Hmmm...what about this one?" Your bestfriend said as she pulled out a sparkling, red, dress for you and Louis' special one year anniversary.

He said he was talking you somewhere special and you didn't know what to where so you called your bestfriend over to come and help you.

"Uhm I don't know..." You said bitting your lower lip and looking at the dress she was holding up. "You don't think its a little....much?" you said shrugging your shoulders.

"Oh come on, Y/N! Its your one year anniversary! And you have to look great!" She told me smiling.

"Okay, okay I'll go see how it looks." You took the dress from her hand and went into the bathroom.

When you had it on you looked at yourself in the mirror. It didn't look half bad. In fact, it looked amazing on you. You opened the door and your best friend turned around and she clapped her hands together and jumped slightly up and down while shrieking

"I told you it would look good on you! He is going to love you!" She said while starting to calm herself down. "Now go and start to get ready while I get your matching shoes and accersories!" she said pushing you back into the bathroom. 

You took a shower and put your dress back on, did your make up and your hair and got out of the bathroom to find black pumps to go with your dress with some jewlery next to a note that said.

Have fun tonight! He's gona LOVE you! xoxo -Y/B/F/N. You couldn't help but smile.

You put the shoes and jewlery on then got a text message. You went over to see who it was from the name on the screen just made you smile.

*New Text Message From: Lou ;)*

You opened the text message and read:

From Lou ;): Can't wait for the special night I have planned for us! Happy One Year Babe! Now to kick off the night come outside. -L xxx

You put the phone in your small purse and went outside to fine a trail of rose pedals leading to a well dressed Louis standing in front of his car. You smiled from ear to ear and practically ran to him. You basically jumped up putting your hands around his neck as you hugged eachother.

"Wow you look gorgeous." He said looking into your eyes.

"Thanks, so do you." You said blusing as he lead you to the car, opening the door for you as you got in and he came around the drivers side.

"Are you ready?" He said smiling.

"I guess."  You said nervously.

You were driving for more than 20 minutes looking out he window to try to guess where you were going but you couldn't tell. But then one thing caught yur eye. The London Eye. You've always wanted to on it but you would always put it off.

"Are we going on the London Eye?" You asked him getting excited.

"You guessed it." He said smirking.

"Eekkk! I can't wait." you shrieked as you heard Louis start to laugh at you. 

When you parked your car you got out and looked around. Everything looked beautiful there were lights of every different color everywhere. The Eye always looked best at night. Which was starting to approach.

"Well, shall we?" Louis putting a hand out for you. You took his hand and he lead the way. There weren't many people there. You expected it to be a lot more crowded.

"Where is everybody?" You asked him confused.

"I rented the Eye just for the two of us tonight." He said looking at you.

"Oh, Louis you didn't have to. It wouldn't of been a problem having-" But he cut you off by saying:

"But I wanted to. Anything for you." He said as you started walking again. 

You reached the entrace to one of the cart that takes you up.

The man working there opened the door for you as you stepped in to see a table with food and drinks for two.

"What's all this?" You said turning back to Louis as he followed as the man closed the door.

"Well we are going to have dinner inside of here once we reach the top." He said.

"Oh gosh, are you serious?" You said looking at him.

"Yes I am." He said proud of the reaction he was getting out of you.

You sat down on one of the chairs as the cart began to move. Once you got to the top the cart stopped, and you looked at the amazing view. All the lights to the city were turned on, there were fountains, and the moon was glowing and it felt like a dream.

"Well, lets eat." He said diverting your attention away from the view.

When you were finished eating you got up and started to look at the glorious view.

"Louis, this was amazing. Thank you." You said to your boyfriend as he came up behind you putting his arms around you.

"Anytime, beutiful." he said starting to kiss your neck.

You let out a soft moan as he his your soft spot.

"You like that?" Louis said smiling into your neck.

You turned around so that you were now face to face and started to kiss him passionatley. His hands lingered around your body and stopped at your hips. Your hands made his way to his chest and you pushed him down so he was now on the floor. You slowly followed after him reconnecting your lips with his as the kiss started to get more and more deep. You pulled the suit jacket off from his body and he flipped over so he was now on top of you. he took of the light blue shirt he was wearing so he was now bare-chested while you where still filly clothed. His hands made a way to the zipper on your back for the dress as kissed your neck while he slowly unzipped your dress. Taking the sleeves off of your shoulders and down to your ankles. You tugged at his belt indicating that you wanted it off. He grunted beore unbucking his belt and sliding his pants off of his body. You could feel the big buldge inside of his boxers as you ran your hands up and down his chest and then flipping over so you were once again on top. You started living kisses down his neck, down his chest, then you stopped at his boxers slowly sliding them off of his body as he moaned.

"Oh your such a tease!" He said closing his eyes and putting his head back on the floor. 

When you got his boxers off you took the tip of his large member into your mouth going slowly before pretty soon it was in your mouth and you were bobing your head up and down as Louis moaned

"Y/N," then you stopped and slide your panties off, placing his tip at your entrance.

"Ride me." He said before you put his whole member into you and started to bounce. Just before he reached his climax he was on top of you agian and whispered into your ear

"Now its my turn to pleasure you." He said before thusting, slowly at first then faster. You moaned as you said:

"L-l-Louis!" he knew what you meant.

"Its okay baby me too." He said before thrusting one more time and then reaching his climax right before you did.

You got all off your clothes on but still layed on the floor with your head on his chest as he stroked your hair.

"I love you, Louis." you said looking up at him.

"I love you to Y/N" before kissing you slightly on the lips.

Let's just say that was a memorable first time on The London Eye.


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