A muffled cry in the distance sounds as I roll over in my bed, confused as to what the sound is. I shut my eyes tighter, flailing my arm around for the snooze button to whatever this sound is. My eyes only open, however, when my swinging arms comes into contact with a body. 

Upon opening my eyes, I see Harry lying in bed next to me. My mind starts coming back to me as I realize that the crying noise is coming from my baby daughter laying in her little cot, across the room. 

My eyes drift over to the night stand clock and see that it's only a little passed two in the morning. 

"Harold," I say in a groggy voice to my husband who is starting to wake up. "Your daughter is crying again," I say, half asleep, as I roll back over to my side of the bed. 

I feel the bed dip beside me as Harry sits up. "It's okay, babe. Go back to sleep. I got her this time," He responds with his extremely attractive deep groggy voice, unlike mine, which sounds like a ninety-two year old man with pneumonia. 

"Really?" I ask, half turning over to meet his eyes. 

"Yeah, you need the sleep." He leans in and places a kiss to my forehead as I start to close my eyes again. "Goodnight, babe." 

"G'night, Har." I'm already half asleep, so I just close my eyes and allow myself to relax as Lyla's cries stop when Harry picks her up. 


I awake the next morning more refreshed and relaxed than I have been in weeks. Yes, I'm tired all the time, but I wouldn't give it up for the world, because now I have a beautiful baby daughter that I brought into the world. 

A smile immediately makes its way to my face as I think about Lyla, who had oddly only waken up once that night. Usually, she wakes up every two hours. A frown replaces the smile that was previously there as I sit up in my bed and divert my gaze to her cot. 

Her empty bed immediately causes my body to stiffen as I go into panic mode. I go over to wake up Harry, only to realize he's gone too. 

Oh please God let her be with him. 

I take the sheets off of my body as I take a few breathes to calm myself down. I make my way out of the room and down the stairs of my house. 

The second I step into the living room, the panic and worry I held a few seconds ago is out the window as I take in the sight in front of me. 

Harry is lying down on the couch, Lyla in his arms. Her tiny body is curled up on his chest as his arms protectively, yet gently, are wrapped around her body. 

I walk up to the couch and smile at the two. Harry's humongous frame overflowing the couch as Lyla sleeps on top of him, barely visible when comparing their size difference. 

I pull out my phone and take a picture. I mean, it's just to cute not to! After uploading the picture, I set my phone down and reach for Lyla. 

I should probably move her in case Harry starts stirring in his slip or, God forbid, turns over. As cute as it was, it's a little too risky. 

I gently pick her up and lay her into the play pen next to the couch, which had a little mini built-in bed. Just as I place her down, I'm pulled back onto the couch by a pair of arms. 

I land on top of Harry as I stare down at his amusement-filled green eyes. 

"Well, that wasn't very nice," I say to him as I adjust myself on the couch. Since he's still comfortably lying down, I place my knees on both sides of his waist as I straddle him. 

"Well...I wasn't going to pass up the opportunity," He says, a smile plastered onto his face.

I chuckle as I lean down and move some of the hair out of his face. It used to be just a few stray curls that made their way onto his forehead, but now that he's grown out his hair, it gets all in his face. 

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