~Nicole's POV~

"Babe, can you get me that bag right there!" I yelled to boyfriend, Harry, from the deck of the huge yacht like ship we where on. After a few seconds he spoke into my ear.

"Already done babe." he said snaking his arms around my waist from behind as he gave me the bag.

"Thank you." I said smiling as I took the bag from him but didn't move from our position as we overlooked the ocean. "I can't believe we're gonna spend the night on this thing." I told him.

"Well its tradition. Ever year on the day One Direction was put together, which is today, we spend the night on the boat and today is YOUR first day of.....many." he said as he leaned down and started kissing my neck. He was taller than me so that gave him the advantage over me. But were soon interrupted by Louis screaming

"Let's do this bitches!" he said walking up on the deck followed by the other three boys. Harry whined as he let go of me and turned to his other band mates.

"Perfect timing, Louis." he said sarcastically.

"Sorry mate. Sorry Nicole." he said looking towards me understanding. He smiled almost as if he were proud. Classic Lou. "But anyway we have everything set up over there so lets go." he said motioning the boys and I in another direction.

Harry came next to me and walked with our hands intertwined with each other. We walked to the other side of ship where everything from sleeping bags to snack tables where all over the place. There where lights everywhere and a DJ station. It looked absolutely incredible. Everyone ran in every direction. Niall to the snack table, Zayn to the DJ's equipment, Liam to place where he would sleep, Louis to the beer cooler.

"We'll be back in half an hour." Harry said to the boys taking a blanket from a pile and walking off still hand in hand with me.

"Use protection!" Louis yelled

"Ha-ha very funny Lou." I said back seeing Harry smiling out of the corner of my eye.

"So where are we going?" I asked Harry curious.

"There." he said pointing to something. I followed him aim to see a hammock put to an angle of a perfect view of the sunset and some candles around it. With the sunset, the ocean, plus the lights the yacht had on it, it looked incredible.

"Did-did you do this?" I asked him looking into his eyes.

"Yeah. It's 2 days from our one year anniversary so I thought what would be more romantic than this? So here we are." he said looking flashing the crooked smile that I always loved. "You like it don't you?" he asked his face dropping.

"I love it. Its incredible. Thank you." I say pulling him in for hug.

"Anything for you, love." he said kissing my black hair. "Now let's go." he said taking my hand and leading me to the hammock where we lied down looking at the sunset with my head and hand on his chest and listened to his heartbeat. As his hands are wrapped around me. It felt like one of those moments in movies. The moment you would think 'wow that's so cliche.' But it wasn't. It was like a dream and honestly if I could I would stay like that forever.

"Harry?" I say looking up into his green eyes.

"Hmm?" he hums back.

"Thank you. For this. For everything." I told him.

"You don't have to keep thanking me babe. But your welcome. " he said back. After a couple seconds of silence he said "You know the sunset really brings out your eyes." Which made me blush and giggle.

"Harry, my eyes are practically black. " I told him

"They are not. But even if they were that's what's unique about you. I love you and your black eyes." he said chuckling a bit.

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