Megan, my best friend and I decided we wanted to go clubbing today. So we went upstairs started getting ready I took a shower first, then she did. We where best friends it wasn't like we haven't showered in each others houses or borrowed each others clothes before so this was completely normal for us.

It took us about an hour to get ready but by the time we were done we looked pretty HOT! We grabbed our jackets and I grabbed my car keys and we jumped in her car.

"What club do you want to go to?" She asked me

"Umm how about *random club name*?" I say and she smiles knowing that its the best club around.

"YEAH!" she said still smiling.

We started driving blasting One Direction's song 'Live While We're Young' with the windows down and singing along not caring how we sounded. We stopped at a red light when another car pulled up next to us and they where laughing and pointing. How rude. I hit my best friends arm and pointing to the car.

"Megan, look." She turned and looked.

"Whatever." she says rolling her eyes at them. In fact she looks at one of them, turns up the radio, and starts singing louder while dancing in her seat. I laugh and do the same. That shut them up. The club was just another 5 minutes away. So we were starting to get excited. But we noticed that the car of guys was following us.

"Y/N" she said hitting my arm

"Hmm?" I replied not able to look at her since I was driving.

"I think they're following us." She says looking in the rear view mirror.

"Just ignore them they'll probably go away." I say.

"Yeah hopefully." She says worried.

We got at the club finding a good parking space, parking and getting out. Sure enough the car WAS following us and we could see them park and get out of their car. They were five of them and they were actually good looking. Too bad they're creeping on us. While waiting in line we could see them starring at us and whispering stuff to each other. We just ignored them. By the time we got to the front of the line we showed the man our ID's and he was checking us out!

"Umm excuse me!?" I say looking at him disgusted.

"Calm down baby. Just looking, making sure you look old enough." He says smiling.

"You're disgusting." I say exchanging a look with my friend and I grab my ID and walk inside.

"What's with everyone tonight?" I ask Megan

"What do you mean?" she asks, confused.

"How those guys are creeping on us and that guard outside checking us out." I say looking at her.

"Oh come on Y/N those guys are hot." she says pointing at them. "And that guard. Yeah I guess he's a creep." she says and I let out a huge laugh.

All night, those guys are still starring at us, but we don't let that ruin our night. We dance, take shots, sing along the songs playing in the back.

After a few hours we are exhausted, and decide to head home. Hopefully those guys won't follow me there too. My friend is hitting on some guy and says she will meet me outside. So I listened, I went outside waiting. I was waiting for Megan for maybe ten? Fifteen? minutes I mean, I didn't mind it was nice weather outside, but how long could she take?

Just then I see a couple of men start to come toward me laughing. I try to walk away but they catch up to me grabbing me.

"Where do you think your going baby?" One of them says while breathing on my face. I could smell all the alcohol.

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